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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Shop Light Fixtures

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111 products

About LED Shop Light Fixtures

With the dazzling power of LED Shop lights, give your customer the essential shopping experience that they deserve. 

But to choose the right shop light you must first dive into the technical know-how of these lights. With a lot of factors such as CCT, CRI, Wattage playing in, the average customer is bound to have a hard time choosing the right kind of lights. 

Therefore, we have come up with this guide to help you navigate through the world of LED shop lighting fixtures. These lights last very long and give you unmatched advantages over traditional lights. 


Shop lights are lighting fixtures that illuminate and highlight the interiors of your shop or other similar places. The importance of these lights is derived from the fact that shops are places of business and lighting in such places cannot be taken lightly. 

These heavy-duty utility LED shop lights last longer and bring in an unmatched level of saving literally paying for themselves in a few years. The best part about these LED shop lighting fixtures is the energy-efficiency that these lighting fixtures bring. 

There are various types of lights that can be used as shop lighting fixtures. Let us now go through every type of LED shop lighting fixture. 


LED tubes, LED integrated tubes and LED downlights are the most commonly used shop lighting fixtures in the market. 

LED Tubes: Coming in different lengths, diameters and wattages, LED Tubes are the replacement for fluorescent tubes and provide unmatched advantages which we will discuss later. 

These tubes come in a size of 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft. The diameter of these tubes ranges from 0.625 inches to 1.5 inches. 

These tubes can easily retrofit old fluorescent fixtures because there is a category of LED tubes that supports ballast so you will not have to bypass or remove the ballast.

LED Integrated Tubes: Perfect for newly built shops where there is no existing fixture, integrated tubes are a complete package which just needs to be plugged in and you will enjoy the benefits of great shop lights.

These integrated tubes can be connected to form a daisy chain. Up to 6 tubes can be connected in this manner thanks to fact that these tube lights are linkable LED shop lights. These tubes are a complete fixture and need no additional component for usage. 

LED Downlights: Perfectly appropriate for false ceilings, these are fancy lights that can be easily installed and give ample amount of quality lighting. These lights are also known as can lights or pot lights for their shape. These lights have a high CRI (explained later) which means that these lights are good for shops where the accuracy of colors is paramount. 


Moving on from the traditional lights, LEDs have revolutionized the way we light up our world. In this revolution, our shops were not to be far behind. But why should you pick LED shop lighting fixtures over regular LED lights is the question we will explore in this section. 

High CRI: The Color rendering index of LED shop lights is 90 which means that these lights render colors that are 90% accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light such as daylight. 

Multiple CCTs: With multiple color temperatures to choose from you can accentuate your interior wall’s color to give your shop an illuminated experience. 

Long life: With a long-lasting lighting fixture, at least you will have one less thing to worry about your shop. With a long life of more than 50,000 hours, these lights last a long time giving you the essential peace to run your business effectively.