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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: T8 Integrated LED Tube Light Bulbs - Linkable & Plug and Play

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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: T8 Integrated LED Tube Light Bulbs - Linkable & Plug and Play

The Integrated LED Tube Light Bulbs are efficient for indoor lighting purposes. They are eligible to illuminate vast indoor premises such as corridors, hallways, retail stores, garages, etcetera. At LEDMyPlace, find a suitable 4ft & 8ft LED shop light for your damp locations. Also, these lights are linkable and promote a plug & play feature.

7 products

7 products

About T8 Integrated LED Tube Light Bulbs - Linkable & Plug and Play

Perfect for lighting large indoor areas, Linkable LED shop lights are the modern-day solution to the problems that arise due to inadequate lighting conditions. Apart from being Stylish and energy-efficient, these lights allow daisy-chaining. 

LED integrated t8 tubes are suitable for use in vast indoor areas, such as hallways and corridors. Since these tube lights are linkable, one can connect up to five of these lights to form a daisy chain for illuminating large areas. Daisy-chaining of LInkable LED shop lights is a useful feature for indoor spaces that have a limited number of electrical sockets to power the lights. 

Linkable LED shop light extension

Using connecting cables allows one to connect up to four LED integrated tubes. This way, one can extend the lights across adjacent walls, while using a single power source. Since connector cables are flexible, one can use them to connect integrated LED tubes in a non-linear way. 

When connecting several integrated LED tubes, one should make sure that the lights do not overload the power source. The maximum capacity should not exceed 240 watts. This essentially means that one can connect as many integrated tubes as it takes to sum a total of 240 watts. 

Where can one install LInkable LED shop lights?

Linkable LED integrated T8 tubes are popular in convenience store lighting, exhibition room lighting, and hotel/hallway lighting projects. However, one can also use them in homes, schools, offices, and many other indoor spaces.

These lighting fixtures are ideal for indoor spaces that fluctuate between the need for extra-bright and adequate lighting conditions. Examples of such indoor spaces are art studios and exhibitions.


Based on the size, there are three kinds of tubes available. Those are:

The various sizes have different applications. For instance, smaller length tubes are used in hallways with turns and large LED tubes are excellent for use in retail or convenience stores.

Based on wattage

Based on the wattage there are four types of integrated tubes available: 

  • 10 watt
  • 22 watt
  • 30 watt
  • 60 watt

High power LED integrated tubes are ideal for use in places where more light is needed, such as gymnasiums and sports arenas. 


Energy-efficiency: These tubes are energy-efficient and convert up to 95% of the input energy into bright light, thus wasting only about 5%-10% in the form of heat. 

Plug and play: These fixtures are ready for use and just need to be plugged in order to light up, therefore, they need no extra adjustment. 

Long-lasting: These tubes are long-lasting, as they come with a rating for 50,000 operational hours. Meaning that, on average use for 11 hours, every day, these lights will last over 5 years! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are T8 LED integrated tubes?
A: T8 LED integrated tubes are energy-efficient lighting fixtures that combine the LED light source and the tube housing into a single unit. They are designed to replace traditional fluorescent T8 tubes, providing better energy savings and improved lighting quality.

Q: Do T8 LED integrated tubes require a ballast to operate?
A: No, T8 LED integrated tubes do not require a ballast for operation. In fact, they are designed to work without the ballast, and the ballast must be bypassed or removed during installation. 

Q: Can I install T8 LED integrated tubes myself, or do I need a professional electrician?
A: The installation of T8 LED integrated tubes involves electrical work, and if you are not familiar with electrical installations, it is recommended to have a professional electrician perform the installation. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and a qualified electrician will ensure proper wiring and safety compliance. 

Q: How can I determine the right T8 LED integrated tube for my specific lighting needs?
A: To determine the right T8 LED integrated tube, consider factors such as the required brightness (measured in lumens), color temperature, length, and any additional features like dimmability or compatibility with lighting controls. Additionally, ensure the tubes are suitable for the intended environment and come from reputable brands to ensure quality and performance. 

Q: What are the benefits of using integrated T8 LED tube lights?
A: They are energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, start instantly without flickering, and can reduce maintenance and replacement costs due to their durability.