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8ft LED Shop Lights - T8 Integrated LED Tube Lights

Shop for suitable 8ft LED Shop Lights that will brighten up your commercial space with appropriate illumination. These are T8 integrated V-shape LED tube lights with extended light coverage. These double-strip T8 integrated LED tube lights are available in clear and frosted tube options. In addition, the tubes contain several excellent features. For instance, these are plug-and-play 8ft LED shop lights. Plus, it can be extended for up to 4 lights. These tube lights are suitable for damp locations like garages and basements. Adding on, these lights are energy efficient and can last for about 50,000 hours.

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    8 foot LED Shop lights can help get rid of the world’s reliability on metal halide and other traditional lighting products that cause a lot of harm to our environment. Traditional lighting fixtures consume enormous amounts of energy. However, they fail to provide the same amounts of light. As a result, they waste a large portion of input energy in the form of unwanted heat. 

    On the other hand, LED lights are solid-state lighting fixtures. Up to 95% of the energy that goes into an LED light converts into excellent light output. Thus, having 8 foot LED lights gives one the accessibility to adequate lighting while maintaining a fixed, low energy consumption. 

    How long does a Linkable LED shop light last?

    In general, LED lighting fixtures can offer a lifespan of 3,50,00-1,00,000 operational hours. Here at LEDMyplace, we provide Linkable T8 integrated fixtures that come with a rating for 5,00,00 operational hours. On average, use for 11 hours, every day, the 8 ft tubes will last over five years. 

    Salient Features of our 8 ft LED integrated tubes

    First, our 8 ft LED linkable tube lights offer a v-shape. The arrangement of LED chips inside the tubes makes them double-sided lighting fixtures. In comparison with an LED strip light (that provides a beam angle of 120°), the 8 ft tube lights offer a wider beam angle of 270°. 

    Second, when installing in a big indoor space, you can daisy-chain up to 5 integrated LED tubes. Doing so will allow you to eliminate the need for several tombstones or sockets. Using LED tube connectors allows connecting up to 4 integrated tubes, which can help install them on adjacent walls.

    Third, our integrated tube lights are available in both clear and frosted variations. So, you get to choose between soft and bright lighting conditions following the indoor lighting project.

    Are 8ft led shop lights are suitable for your commercial lighting project? 

    The LED tube lights that we provide are suitable for use in commercial lighting projects. You can install these lights in warehouses, workshops, garages, offices, and small manufacturing units, among other indoor settings. Since you can daisy-chain these tube lights, achieving an adequate light output is possible. Thus, it is safe to say that 8 ft tube lights are fit for use in commercial lighting projects.

    Do 8 Ft LED Shop Lights replace the Fluorocents?

    Yes, they do! In comparison with fluorescent fixtures, LED lights offer a high light output per watt of energy. So, if you want to replace a 160-W fluorescent tube, go with our 60-W integrated LED tube light. The 60-W tube lights are available in correlated color temperature(CCT) of 6500K, which means that the light coming from them will appear bright and white like the ‘daylight.’ 

    Are you ready to create a productive environment in living and workspaces?

    Now that you are here know that we provide premium-quality LED lighting fixtures. Our lighting products come with a warranty of up to five years. Thus, if you are here to shop some LED lights for your living or workspace, feel free to explore our website!