Wireless dimmer Manually Turn on/off and Dim Command

Wireless dimmer Manually Turn on/off and Dim Command

MPN: PP003
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Wireless dimmer Manually Turn on/off and Dim Command
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LEDMyplace brings to you the freedom from fixed switches. This wireless dimmer gets retrofitted to any existing switches and converts it into wireless technology. This works by the command of the ON/OFF/DIM interface, to ensure the wireless functioning of this controller switch. It gives consumers the freedom to control their lighting fixtures as per their comfort. This product allows you to add multiple dimmers for your lighting fixtures. With the help of these dimmers, you have the freedom to light your home according to your need of the hour.


MPN (Part No.): PP003

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  • will this work led strip lights and does it have a color changing capability?

    The dimmer which can control the led RGB strip is Mini RGB Controller 12-24 Volt DC Touch LED Dimmer [MPN - ST051].

  • Can I wire two 2x2 LED lights to this single switch?

    The 2X2 Panels needs to be connected first through a power pack i.e. PP001. The wireless dimmer switch controls the power pack and not the panels directly.

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