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36 in. x 48 in. LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Touch Switch, Anti-Fog, Adjustable Color Temperature With Remembrance, Wall Mounted, Lighted Makeup Mirrors, Window Style

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36 in. x 48 in. LED Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Touch Switch, Anti-Fog, Adjustable Color Temperature With Remembrance, Wall Mounted, Lighted Makeup Mirrors, Window Style

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LED Mirror for Bathroom with Touch Sensor, Wall Mounted (Vertical/Horizontal Install), Illuminated Lighted Makeup Mirror

LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror offered by LEDMyplace is the perfect vanity mirror to create a soothing aura in your bathroom. These beautiful LED Vanity Mirrors can create a boring place into an exciting one. The combination of mirror and LED Light makes it smart and highly efficient. This LED Bathroom Mirror is designed with an inbuilt defogger that automatically cleans the fog that gets collected on the mirror. You will not have to wipe the fog manually; this will save time for cleaning. These LED Vanity Mirrors are designed with the Window style. This makes it highly attractive and eye-pleasing.


These LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors come with an inbuilt ON/OFF touch switch that can help to change the color temperature. These 36" x 48" LED Lighted Bathroom Mirrors are UL-certified that make sure that the lighted mirror is safe to use.

Defogger is the special feature of the LED Vanity Mirror that helps to remove the fog that gets collected on the mirror. It saves time for manually cleaning the mirror. The Defogger is not controlled through the switch on the mirror. The switch only controls the LED Light on the mirror to turn on and off or to change CCT. If you wish to switch the defogger off, you will have to turn the switch off or take the plug off of the outlet. The temperature of the defogger will always be 59-68 degrees more than the room temperature. To elaborate, let’s say if your room temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit then the temperature of the defogger would be 86-95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Features of 36" x 48" LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror & Defogger On/Off Touch Switch and CCT Changeable With Remembrance

  • Size: 36x48 inches
  • Turn-ON/OFF: Touch Switch
  • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Defogger: Yes
  • Color Temperature: Changeable

Easy Installation

 While this product is intended for use in high wet zones, i.e. bathroom zones 1 & 2, take proper care before installing the product. Though the installation procedure is easy,  it’s always wise to use an electrician’s help. In order to install this mirror, all you need to do is drill holes on the wall in a straight horizontal line as per the width of the mirror, and with the help of few wall plugs and screws, hang the mirror. You must make sure, the mirror is firmly mounted on the wall.  

One Touch On Off

The power switch on one hand allows you to turn On or Off the lights by simply tapping on the switch, the Power switch allows you to change the color of the light (which means changing the color temperature anywhere between 3000K-6000K).


The defogger works automatically when the mirror is connected to the power. (the anti-fog function works after 5 minutes)

CCT Changeable

The color temperature of the LED Vanity Mirror can be easily changed from 3000K to 6000K through a Power switch by pressing and holding the switch for few seconds.  

No Swirl Marks or Streaks

 The defogger that comes inbuilt with the LED Vanity Mirror keeps your mirror completely clean without leaving behind any swirls or streaks.

CRI >90

 The Color Rendering Index of our LED bathroom lighted mirror will let the color of your face reflect true color up to 90% precision in comparison to a natural light source. 

Energy Saving

 You can expect an energy-saving of 80-90% by adjusting the intensity of light.

50,000 Hours Life Expectancy of Continuous Use

The intended lifespan of this bathroom lighted mirror is 50,000 hours, even when you use it round the clock. And, rest assured, you will not need any replacement before the end of this service life. If you need any help with the replacement of light fittings or electric parts for the mirror, our customer service representatives are always there to help you.  

Slim & Sleek Design

All our mirrors intended for use in bathrooms are slim & sleek, designed especially to make your bathroom look unique and appealing. 

5 years warranty 

LED vanity mirrors come with an overall warranty of 5 years. Once you install the mirror, you can be sure about its life and durability.


Brand: LEDMyplace
Certifications: ETL Listed
Dimensions (L x W x H): 36x48 inches
Housing: Aluminum
LED Type: LED2835
Lumens: 2400-2800 LM
Safety Rating: ETL Listed
UPC: 719034340807
Warranty: 5 Years
CCT: 3000/4000/4200/6000 Kelvin
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 3000/4000/4200/6000 Kelvin
Driver: Waterproofed UL approved Meanwell brand
LED Brand: Hongli Led
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): MR001
Voltage: 110 Voltage

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Questions & Answers

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  • Specifications say 2400-2800 Lumens, but your answer to the first question says 120 Lumens per meter. Which one is correct? What meter? The total length of the LEDs is (48+36)x2 inches, which converts to 4.27 meters, and 120x4.27 is only 512 Lumens. Is this mirror copper free? You say the defogger will be 59-68 degrees more than the room temperature. Your example room temperature is 59, and adding 59-68 to it does NOT give me 86-95 F. These things are confusing me to not trust your product. I will have to live with them in the bathroom for a long time, so, I will really appreciate your responses before I purchase.

    The actuall lumens are 2400-2800 depending on the colour temprature. Apologizes for the inconvenience but 120 lumens per meter is not the correct answer. And yes, this mirror is copper free. Please let us know how many you are looking to buy. You can email us on "".

  • Product MR001 How many lumens is this LED? How thick is the mirror glass?

    The glass itself is .19in thick, while the whole mirror is about 2in thick. It's a 36x48in light with 120 Lumens per meter.

  • what is the diference between this and the $299? thanks

    It's a different style. These are more expensive because they're much more popular with the Window style light, as opposed to the 2 strips of vertical light.

  • Is this hard wired or plug in

    This has a plug at the back.

  • DO you attach the frame to the wall first and then the mirror to the frame? I am wondering if there is enough room to put the cord behind the mirror so it hangs flush against the wall?

    No, frame and mirror are not de-attachable, so you have to mount the mirror as a complete unit.

  • The white aluminum frame stays? Or gets removed before installation?

    Aluminum frame stays.

  • Can it be operated using an external on/off switch?

    It comes with a plug at the back which can be conncted to the socket to draw the power. You may have the switch to turn the socket on and off when required

  • Do these LED mirror lights throw off enough light for typical uses, like shaving, putting on make up, etc.

    Yes, it has enough lighting for these uses.