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Collection: 2x2 LED Panel Lights - Dimmable

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Collection: 2x2 LED Panel Lights - Dimmable

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About 2x2 LED Panel Lights - Dimmable

Get the best 2x2 LED Panel lights for Drop Ceiling roof. Easily installable,Available in 40W and 45W. Best flat commercial place lighting at a discounted price.

Specifically designed for office and commercial spaces, 2X2 panel lights are square panel fixtures that can be easily installed. Highly energy-efficient and long-lasting these panel lights are the perfect replacement for your fluorescent panels. 

These 2X2 office lighting panels offer great lighting at minimal cost and are available in multiple different color temperatures.

Various different color temperatures available for LED panel lights are

  • 4000: This color temperature gives a daylight color 
  • 5000: This color temperature gives a daylight white color 
  • 6500: This color temperature gives out a bright bluish hue

Panel lights available at LEDMyplace are of 40-watt and replace fluorescent panels of 150-watts. The lumen flux available on these panel lights is 4000 lumens and the beam angle of these panels is 120 degrees which enable these panel lights to shed light on a wide area. 

Having a long life, these 2x2 led panel last for a minimum of 50,000 years which means that these lights will last for a minimum of 5.7 years even if used 24 hours of the day. 

These LED ceiling lights run on AC100-277V current which is standard throughout the United States. These lights have an ingress protection rating of 40 which means that these lights are protected from small tools and wires greater than 1mm. 

These panel lights are ETL and DLC certified which means that these panels are eligible for rebates. These LED panel lights are also dimmable using a dimmer which allows the brightness of these lights to be adjusted to the needs of the users.