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How to Create a Better Lighting Atmosphere for the Tennis Court?

How to Create a Better Lighting Atmosphere for the Tennis Court?
How to Create a Better Lighting Atmosphere for the Tennis Court?
How to Create a Better Lighting Atmosphere for the Tennis Court?
How to Create a Better Lighting Atmosphere for the Tennis Court?


Tennis is a massive sport that requires relentless movement. So, an open field is undoubtedly the apt location to play it without feeling congested. The open area is called a tennis court where the sport takes place. The tennis court can also be used to play Pickleball if the court has pickleball lines. You just need to fix a net on the tennis court, and you are good to go for your pickleball match. Moving forward, you will be learning about the lighting requirements and structure required to light up the tennis courts and pickleball courts with LED lights and, majorly, LED flood lights.

Lighting requirement for a tennis court

Lighting requirement for a tennis court

A tennis court is a vast ground or field that needs to be illuminated properly. The estimated positions to set up LED stadium flood lights on the tennis court is after every 25-30 footcandles. By following this pattern, the tennis court will not be left with any blind spots that will be a hindrance for the players. To maintain the balance of lighting up the tennis court with LED lights, you should prefer high lumens intensity lights more than the lower lumens ones as the lights will help the player to focus on the court around the net.

Lighting requirement for a pickleball court

In a pickleball court scenario, the pattern for setting up the LED lights is almost the same. The LED stadium flood lights should be placed following the 25-30 footcandle rule. However, the ratio of lights with a high lumens output versus low lumen output lights is reciprocated in this case. You are supposed to pick more LED lighting fixtures with low lumens of power as the players should be able to see the ball clearly, which can be a bit complicated if the flood lights glare too much.

How can LED lights suit the environment of a tennis court?

The LED lights play a vital role in illuminating the premises of the tennis court. To make sure that the light is evenly dispersing illumination without being a hurdle for the players, it is a must that the apt lighting fixtures are picked. LED flood lights are supposedly one of the apt LED lighting fixtures that can brighten up the tennis court evenly as this outdoor location requires light with wide-angle illumination capacity. The flood lights are indeed ideal for dispersing illumination to a wider extent. 

Moreover, being an outdoor location, the LED lights will be helpful in conducting the sport during the nighttime. The high lumen output of LED flood lights, pole lights, LED wall pack lights, and some other excellent LED lighting fixtures will ensure that the court is sufficiently illuminated and the players are not struggling in terms of focusing on the game.

tennis court lighting

Key requirements for LED stadium flood lights for the tennis court and pickleball court

As an outdoor lighting fixture, the LED flood lights must contain several features that prove them to be the most suitable lighting fixtures. Some key requirements for flood lights that are used in the tennis and pickleball courts are:

  • First of all, the location of tennis courts and pickleball courts are generally outdoors. Thus the lights need to be IP-65 rated. This will ensure that the light will not flicker or compromise its performance due to dust or water interference.
  • Secondly, longevity is an essential factor that one needs to focus on when it comes to LED stadium flood lights. After all, you don’t wish to spend much time changing the courts' lighting. The flood lights come with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which is pretty long-lasting.
  • Then, durability is indeed an essential requirement for LED lighting fixtures because the relentless movement of tennis or pickleball balls can hit the lighting fixture. Therefore, the fixture is durable, and the lights are covered with rigid polycarbonate covers/lenses that will not break or shatter if the ball hits.
  • Lastly, LED flood lights are undoubtedly high illumination dispersing lights that brighten the ambiance with the brightest light. However, too much illumination is not good in a sports field scenario because it tends to glare on the eyes, and the focus gets diverted. Thus, it is majorly required that the LED lighting fixtures you pick come with a bearable illumination rate.

Impact of Kelvins on the LED light’s performance for tennis courts

As discussed above, LED lights are used to make sure that the game can continue even in the dark. LED flood lights are available in several color temperature options, but the placement of the light can vary depending on what sort of light dispersion the premises require. For instance, if the light is required in streets, parks, gardens, etcetera, then the apt CCT should be 3000K to 4500K. On the other hand, for massive locations like stadiums, parking lots, tennis courts, pickleball courts, etcetera, the color temperature should be above 5000K.

If we consider the light’s performance on the tennis court, LED stadium flood lights with higher CCT are ideal for eliminating dark from the court. Of course, the lights cannot change the natural phenomenon of the dark, but they can help minimize the effect.

led flood lights

Is it necessary to focus on the pole height while mounting LED lights?

Poles are one of the essential elements when discussing fixing LED lighting fixtures on the tennis courts. This is because the lights are supposed to be mounted on the poles, which will help disperse their illumination to a wider extent. Thus, focusing on the pole’s height is necessary as the appropriate illumination can get affected depending on the height at which the light is fixed.

The standard pole height for illuminating the tennis court appropriately is 20-25 feet. If you place the light on a shorter pole, the light will glare too much and create chaos during game time. Simultaneously, if the pole is over 25 feet tall, it will create an uneasy lighting environment where players struggle to focus on the game. Therefore, it is necessary that you must consider the pole height while mounting the LED lights.


In the end, it is not a tough task to create a better lighting atmosphere for the tennis court. One of the beneficial things about lighting up the tennis courts is that the lights can also help with the pickleball sport because it can be played on the same tennis court with some minor changes. Just focus on some crucial factors such as the lights you pick, their lumens, the required color temperature, the pole height, etcetera, and you will be able to create a better and more suitable environment in terms of visibility.

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