Install LED Linear High Bays inside Industrial Places

Install LED Linear High Bays inside Industrial Places

Comparison between LED Linear High Bays and HID for High Bay Applications

When it comes to revamping the existing lighting at the indoor commercial and industrial places, the number of business owners are considering buying LED linear high bays against the traditional styled high bays that are both energy-consuming and poor way of illuminating the higher ceiling places. 

Due to so many advantages attached with the LED linear high bays, a number of businesses have shifted their focus towards these lights; these lights are also energy-efficient forms of lights especially useful to lighten the industrial premises, where you need a number of lights to lighten the entire place. Since there are so many LED Linear high bays available and among them, you can install 2ft LED linear high bays that will solve the lighting issues even at the places as well where the ceiling height is more than 20fts. 

Some of the reasons to convert to 2ft LED linear high bays are as follows

LED Linear High Bays will reduce costs by 75%.

Now reducing the commercial high bay lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with these energy-efficient high bay lights that can lighten the indoor places in a more graceful way. These lights can give you energy savings of at least 75%, which can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption and your hard-earned income as well. 

led linear high bay lights

On the contrary, to the LED linear high bays, the traditional style high bay lights are energy-consuming lights and use much of energy to produce poor lighting results. If you install this 165w 2FT LED Linear High Bays that produce 21450 Lumens then they can easily be replaced with 400W Equivalent traditional lights. 

LED Linear High Bays are rugged fixtures and can last for years

The industrial 2ft LED linear high bays are able to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures without decreasing its lifespan. These lights have large heat sinks that are specially designed to keep the lights cool and moreover, these fixtures are also vibration resistant thus being largely preferred by the commercial & industrial owners.

These LED linear high bays once installed at the indoor premises can lighten the place for greater than 50,000 hours along with giving you satisfied lighting results as well. On the contrary, if you are continuing using those traditional high bays then you need to change the lighting fixtures on a regular basis as these lights have the lifespan of just a couple of hours only.

No mercury

Another important reason why you should opt for this 2ft LED linear high bays instead of those traditional styled high bays is that the LEDs are eco-friendly lights and will help in making the nature free from all kind of harmful substances such as halogen or mercury. 

Now the employees inside your warehouses or factories will not experience any kind of health-related problem in case you replaced the existing lights with these LEDs are the safest and greener form of lights which every business owner should definitely choose against the other forms of lighting products including MH or fluorescent lights as well. 

So install these LED linear high bay lights that not only will reduce the monthly electricity bills but will also create a better working environment which will help the workers to work in a more productive way; replace all the existing traditional MH or halogen lamps with these energy effective forms of lights to make it a great profitable deal that will give you years of satisfaction. 
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