Make your New Year more vibrant with LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

Celebrations become more joyous when you put strip lights. You can put these lights on pine trees, or around the entrance or on the ceiling of your drawing room. Now the big question is, how to install these strip lights? Installing strip lights isn’t a maze. You can easily install the lights. In case you don’t know anything about installation, then follow these steps.   

  • Double check your lights before cutting. Make sure the strip is of the correct length.
  • Measure the strip light as per need. Make cuts to avoid any damage.
  • Ensure a stable and secure power supply to strip lights. It’s advisable to keep the length of the wires as short as possible.
  • In case you want to increase the length, use connectors.
  • Do not forget to test the strip once you are done with all the arrangements.
  • Use adhesives tape or holders to install strip lights.

Where 57, 63 and 19- watt strip lights work the best?

Not many of you know these lights come in various wattages and they have certain distinct traits. Like, the light with 57 wattages emits three colors-Red, Green, and Blue. When one installs these lights around cabinets, under cabinets and windows, these inanimate objects suddenly become vibrant.

The LED Strip light with 63.96 wattages is perfect for cabinets and under cabinets.

The LED available in 19.68wattage, emits light in three color temperatures, i.e. 3000K, 4000K & 6500K. Rated as IP68, this strip light works best in outdoors.


Nothing explains the happiness like strip lights. When you paste these lights on different places they make it colorful and vibrant. Not to mention, light’s 180 degree angle is also responsible for its shining effect.

These lights come in distinct colors, in case you want more information about their colors or technology, then you can post the question on our website.  

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