Should Bathroom Lights be Damp-Rated?

Should Bathroom Lights be Damp-Rated


The selection of lights for the home needs your attention to confirm which type of lighting fixtures you want. Whether you need damp-rated bathroom lights or wet-rated LED lights to disperse quality lighting throughout your home. It is essential to consider the room's moisture level to choose a lighting fixture. If you are going to purchase lights for your bathroom, you must determine the damp rating as it will make you sure that your lighting fixture will perform consistently over time. You should use damp-rating bathroom light fixtures in some spaces of your home where the moisture level is higher than usual.

What are damp-rated bathroom lights?

The bathroom lights specially designed to withstand moisture, water, and other liquids or humid environments are called damp-rated. Also, you can use damp-rated lights both indoors and outdoors. Using these lights in the bathroom can provide you with an unforgettable experience by constantly delivering excellent protection against moisture. Well, they can easily withstand moisture but not direct contact with the elements because they are damp-rated and not waterproof. Also, you do not need to use damp-rated bathroom lights in some places where moisture is not available.

 How can dry and damp-rated lights differ?

As mentioned above, damp-rated lights can easily withstand moisture and water around the lighting fixture. These lights are completely sealed, preventing water from entering their wiring compartments even after facing direct water exposure. But dry-rated lights don’t protect against condensation and do not withstand water. If you want your dry-rated lights to run last-longer, you should use them in a place where water and moisture are not present.

Do you need Damp-Rated Bathroom Lights?

Undoubtedly, damp-rated bathroom lights are a must, but you do not need to install them at every place where lighting is vital in your bathroom. You have some areas where the moisture level is too low because ventilation extracts moisture from the air. With the help of ventilation systems, condensation doesn't create up around every lighting system available in your bathroom. It is not always vital to use all bathroom light fixtures that can withstand moisture and water. You have some places where you can install dry-rated lights as well.

What to know before installing damp-rated lights in the bathroom?

A bathroom is a place where you can use both damp and dry-rated lights without any hesitation. You do not need to choose only damp-rated bathroom lights as some areas of your bathroom don’t come in contact with moisture where you can use your dry-rated lights. At the time of purchasing bathroom light fixtures, you must think about the ratings suitable for different areas of your bathroom. Along with choosing the perfect light fixture, you must make sure that the lighting will create an adorning atmosphere and perform exceptionally well over time.

Bathroom lighting ideas

After knowing that you are not limited to using only damp-rated bathroom lights, you have a chance to show your creativity in selecting the lights accordingly. Using dry-rated lights, you can give your bathroom a decent and ambient look by dispersing inviting lighting throughout the place. Plus, the lights protected against moisture can provide a modern touch that elevates the overall charm of your bathroom. Make a perfect plan that creates an eye-catching and magnifying effect to delight the cozy environment of your bathroom.

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