Top Benefits of LED Tube Lights

led tube lights

In the era of the latest lighting fixture, we all are aware of the LED Tube Lights, it directly replaces the fluorescent tubes. Making a lighting appliance switch can be risky but a switch comes with the lots of pros and cons.

Let’s highlight the pros of LED Tube Lights.

  • Types of LED Tube Lights
  • Wattage Consumption
  • Light Output
  • Long Lifespan
  • Beam Angle
  • Material
  • Safety Ratings

These are the topmost advantages of the tube light. We all already aware of some benefits of LED Tube such as energy saving and eco-friendly light source.


Well, if you were a regular user of fluorescent tubes, then you would definitely know that there are only a few types of fluorescent tubes available in the market.


LED Tubes are available in different sizes and compatibilities. While purchasing a tube for your premises you would get sizes such as 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft T8 LED tube. If we talk about the compatibility of LED tubes, these tubes come with the ballast compatible, ballast bypass, and Hybrid LED Tubes. Apart from them, this tube comes with clear and frosted glass type.


This tube comes with the lesser wattage consumption that makes this fixture energy-efficient. By using efficient tubes you can lead to saving energy and 75% money on lighting bills.

That means you don’t need to pay costly lighting bills. You can do many ways to reduce wattage consumption but how long would you do that. So, it is better to replace fluorescent tubes with the LED Tube Lights.


LED tubes have better lighting output as compared with the fluorescent tubes but what components make this tube far better than others. With the 80+ color rendering index, the illumination of this light source enhances the true color of objects.

Along with the quality, these tubes come with the different light shade which makes tube high in demand.


The LED Tube Lights last upto 50,000 hours which is three times more than fluorescents tubes. Along with that it also requires low-cost maintenance.


LED tube does have an ultra wide beam angle such as 120 - degree and 220 - degree, these to beam angle illuminates the area differently. The 120 - degree angle brightens up the small indoor space and 220 - degree lighten up the wide indoor space.

The 220 degree beam angle LED Tube installed on the ceiling so that it can illuminate the whole space.


With the polycarbonate optics, this tube makes this fixture shatterproof and recyclable so that the fixture would be durable and eco-friendly.


Many fluorescent tubes are not safer to use, but LED Tube lights are IP44 rated which makes the fixture dust and water resistance.

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