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Understanding Commercial LED UFO High Bay Lights

Understanding Commercial LED UFO High Bay Lights
Understanding Commercial LED UFO High Bay Lights
Understanding Commercial LED UFO High Bay Lights
Understanding Commercial LED UFO High Bay Lights

As compared to Metal Halide and traditional lighting, LED lights Turn ON faster, last significantly longer, and are less susceptible to lumen depreciation. They are also much easier to dim or use with motion sensors with additional accessories. Now comes the energy consumption, bills and savings.

The energy savings is easily noticeable in High Intensity LED lights -- area lights, street lights -- and High Bays. We at LEDMyplace constantly talk to businesses that look for LED lighting for indoor spaces with high ceilings and we always suggest LED High Bay lights for this application.

While there is a number of options available in LED High Bay lights, this blog post is dedicated to UFO LED High Bay lights for industrial and commercial uses.

Lower Wattage and High Lumen Efficacy

LED UFO High Bay like any other LED lights consume less energy than HID lighting fixtures. The right way to compare LED with HID lights is to look out for lumens instead of wattage.

LED lights are designed to be more efficient, long lasting and reliable, you will always find the LED lights having a lower wattage but that doesn’t mean it affects the light output, when looking at lumens, it would be way higher than conventional lighting fixtures. it makes sense.

A 150W LED High bay to give out around 18,000 lumens with 120-lumen efficacy, that is, for any indoor space with 20ft. of height can go for 150W LED High Bay instead of 400W of HID light.

Doesn’t require a reflector

Unlike traditional High Bay lights, LED UFO High Bays don't need reflectors because LED lighting is intrinsically more directional than metal halide or other light sources. This allows for a more compact, low-profile design of the fixture.

The lights are distributed to cover the maximum area without any glare within its pre-stated beam angle of 120 degrees.

Dimming and motion sensor

Sometimes a commercial unit might require more features from a lighting fixture than just light. It's controlling.

LED UFO High Bays are come with an inbuilt dimming compatible feature and wires to support it. With the right LED dimmer, it can be connected to dim the light ranging from 0V to 10V.

In addition to the above, LED UFO High Bays works best with an additional motion sensor accessory. There are more ways to save energy by using the LED lighting fixture as and when required with the right accessories available.

Where to buy?

Over the past 5+ years, has been in business, we've supported numerous commercial units change out their old-style high bay lighting for LED and we know choosing the right LED High Bay light can be a task without proper expertise. focuses on high quality LED lighting solutions, our LED UFO High Bay lights or LED Linear High Bay lights have gained hundreds of reviews with time. We are still in the process of helping businesses out there save energy and choose eco-friendly products.

We put our customers at the first place. If you have more specific questions, however, you can reach us through the Live Chat button at the bottom of your browser window, or call us at the numbers located at the top of every page of our site. We're happy to help!

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