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Collection: Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

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Collection: Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

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About Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures

Imagine a scenario where you own a tennis court. An important match is going on and just before the deciding moment, the light in your arena gives away. What an embarrassing situation that will be! This is where LED flood lights take center stage. 

Specially designed to light up large areas, LED flood lights are the perfect solutions to light up stadiums, billboards, sports arenas, etc.

Highly energy-efficient, these flood lights are designed to last long and offer unmatched value over traditional metal halide fixtures. LED flood lights are also known as security lights.

Basically there are two types of LED flood lights based on the mounting option.  

  • Flood mount: This type of mount is a kind of bracket that is fixed on the edges of the building walls. This kind of mount is generally used to light up the building in multiple ways like 
  1. Wall washing: In this type of lighting, the flood light is used to light up an entire wall
  2. Wall grazing: This lighting is used to create a pattern and highlight an object like the design on a wall, a tree, etc. 
  3. Shadowing: As the name suggests, this kind of lighting is used to create a shadow of an object. 
    • Knuckle mount: This is the type of mount in which the light slips on a pole. This is the kind of mount generally found in stadiums, sports arenas, etc.   

    Flood lights are commonly available in two colors, bronze and black, there are also solar flood lights available with solar Panel. 

    Flood lights come in various different wattages which are discussed below: 

    • 15-watt which replaces 100-watt metal halide fixture
    • 30-watt which replaces 300-watt metal halide fixture
    • 50-watt which replaces 300-watt metal halide fixture
    • 100-watt which replaces 300-watt metal halide fixture
    • 150-watt which replaces 400-watt metal halide fixture
    • 200-watt which replaces 600-watt metal halide fixture
    • 240-watt which replaces 800-watt metal halide fixture
    • 300-watt which replaces 1000-watt metal halide fixture
    • 480-watt which replaces 1000-watt metal halide fixture
    • 600-watt which replaces 1000-watt metal halide fixture

    Benefits of using LED flood lights

  • Energy-efficiency: When you use LED flood lights you get an unmatched efficiency because of the superior technology of the product. These lights convert around 95% of the energy into light and only 5% of the energy is wasted as heat. This is in contrast to metal halide fixtures which convert 95% into heat and only 5% is converted into light. 

  • This is also good for the environment in two ways. One is that less heat is dissipated into the environment. Second, being less electricity is demanded from the grid thus less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.  

  • Long-lasting: LED flood lights are tested to operate for a whopping 50,000 hours which means that once you install these flood lights you will not have to bother about them anymore for at least half a decade. 

  • High CRI: LED flood lights outdoor have a high color rendering index which means that these lights render colors that are true to their nature and as actual when compared to daylight. 

  • IP65 rated: LED flood lights are IP65 rated which gives them the ability to withstand rain, moisture or dust.