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Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certification
Energy Star Certification
Energy Star Certification
Energy Star Certification

We are surrounded by electronics that help us fulfill our various needs. Maintaining them is no easy job. They consume a lot of energy and may require a lot of maintenance on your part. They may also pose threat to the environment in one form or the other.

When you buy electronics - like lights - for residential purpose, you may very well see a small sticker wherein Energy Star ratings are given. More the stars, more is the energy-efficiency delivered by the product. But what exactly is Energy Star and what does it really signify?

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star is a symbol provided to residential-grade products that are energy-efficient. This is a trusted and government-backed organization that helps us protect the environment by adopting energy-efficient practices.

Energy Star certified products are known to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth caused by the inefficient use of energy, saving it from further harm. The mark also helps the customers choose products that are eco-friendly and help them reduce the amount they pay as Utility Bills every billing cycle. Needless to say, the products marked Energy Star certified are high on quality, features, and performance.

Getting an Energy Star Mark

Product-testing for Energy Star certification is based on stringent tests and the products thus marked Energy Star-certified are rebate-eligible. That is, you get paid for investing in eco-friendly products in the form of rebates by the government.

Whether a product earns the Energy Star label or not is based on certain guidelines set by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), with an emphasis being on products that, as stated on the website of Energy-star, “deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in addition to increased energy efficiency.”

Why are Energy Star-certified Products Rebate-eligible?

Incentives like rebates and discounts help increase program-participation on a large scale. Energy Star is focused on providing high-performing and efficient home lighting. So more and more people switch to LED lights, they are offered monetary benefits like rebates. Energy Star-certified lights are hence rebate-eligible.

Different state governments, however, follow different guidelines for these incentives.

Energy Star & LEDMyPlace

At LEDMyPlace, LED Bulbs, LED Downlights and LED Flush Mount Fixtures are certified by Energy Star (File No:) to be high on features and quality, while also helping reduce the carbon footprint from mother Earth. Now no more worries about lighting bills soaring sky high!

Energy Star-certification - At a glance

  • Energy Star-certified LED lights are energy-efficient
  • Energy Star-certified LED lights are cost-efficient
  • Energy Star-certified LED lights are rebate-eligible

Are you already using Energy Star-certified LED lights? If yes, we’d love to know what all changes have you experienced so far. If not, what stops you from switching to our range of certified products?

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