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ETL Certification

ETL Certification
ETL Certification
ETL Certification
ETL Certification

An ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories) certification is recognized by NRTL (Nationally RecognizKnowing the safety of light bulbs and other light fixtures is a prerequisite everyone should be aware of before they make a decision of buying them. While many of us learn to look for safety marks like UL and/ or ETL on the lights’ packaging over a period of time, we don’t really know what makes these symbols important and how they ensure the products we are buying are safe to use?

What is ETL?

ETL (Edison Testing Laboratories) is a lighting products’ testing laboratory headquartered in London. It certifies electronic products based on their performance, electromagnetic compatibility, and safety measures. ETL functions under Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories, or NRTLs*.

Unlike UL that publishes its own standards to conduct product tests, ETL doesn’t publish separate standards. It, instead, follows the ones published by other NRTLs and are hence recognized by OSHA.

Getting an ETL Mark

An ETL mark on a product ensures the said product meets the bearing requirements for safety standards. It does not end at an ETL certification being provided to the manufacturer at once. Regular product and site inspections are carried out every now and then to ensure that the products being manufactured match the one that was originally tested. Needless to say, getting and then maintaining an ETL badge is no child’s play.

ETL & LEDMyPlace

Since the safety of our customers is one of our primary concerns, many products that you buy at LEDMyPlace are tested and certified by ETL (File No:) (while the others are UL-listed - UL being a well-known equivalent). <Have to mention the ETL certified products that we have on our website.>

*An NRTL is an independent, non-government laboratory recognized by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as suitable to test products to applicable safety standards.

ETL-certification - At a glance

  • ETL-certified LED lights are safe to use
  • ETL-certified LED lights are eco-friendly
  • ETL-certified LED lights are hazard-proof 

Are you already using ETL-certified LED lights? If yes, we’d love to know what all changes have you experienced so far. If not, what stops you from switching to our range of certified products?

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