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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Setting Up Garage Lighting

Garage Lighting
Garage Lighting
Garage Lighting
Garage Lighting


Garage lighting is supposedly a well and bright type of lighting that helps increase productivity by making things visible. However, the productivity of tasks depends on the type of light you are using because a poorly illuminated garage can be a barrier in the workflow. Thus, you cannot afford poor lighting in the garage premises. Therefore, you should prefer opting for some types and guidelines that help you eliminate the mistakes and make the garage visible. Here are 10 things that you must keep in mind when while setting up lighting in the garage to make sure that the light

  1. Choose all forms of LED lights

LED lights are versatile in nature and come in 3 major forms, i.e., ambient lights, task lights, and accent lights. Garage lighting fixtures should be dynamic that should offer a brightly visible premise by simultaneously letting the lighting elements look appealing.

  • Ambient - Ambient light form ensures soft visible spots in the premises that are certainly not dominating but ensure that you don’t fall or stumble due to lack of visibility.
  • Task - Task lights are a generally brighter form of lights that are used for productivity purposes. They help in allowing people to focus on the tasks.
  • Accent - Accent lightings are the decorative form of lights that are used to enhance the ambiance by making it look attractive and appealing.

Therefore, by preferring the multi-layer lighting format for your garage lighting, you can enhance the visibility with an approach to make the premise look better and more pleasant.

     2. Focus on the function of the fixtures

Each light type plays a specific role in terms of lighting up the promises. These lights are useful for visibility and appearance in the garage scenario. The functions of every light type are used for different purposes because of their different functions.

  • Ambient fixtures - LED track lighting, semi flush mount, and LED flush mount ceiling lights are ambient lighting fixtures used in the garage. These lights brighten up the space with their mild brightness.
  • Task fixtures - T8 LED tube lights, recessed LED downlights, and linear high bay LED lights are some popular task lighting fixtures used for garage lighting purposes. These lights disperse sufficient illumination to enhance visibility and promote task productivity as well.
  • Accent fixtures - Accent lights like pendant lights, up and down lights, wall sconces, etcetera are used to create an appealing effect in the entrances. These effect lights are usually used to shift focus on a particular spot.
     3. Take measurements to analyze the garage’s requirement

The LED tubes and other lights that you prefer for the garage should be installed at a specific distance. Taking measurements prior to installation is a must as it helps analyze the lights' type and power. In addition, the placement of lights at appropriate distances is important because they eliminate forming shadows.

Technically, lights should be placed at a specific distance to make sure that every corner of the garage is illuminated. Therefore, one must prefer 50-250 lumens LED bulbs for lighting residential garage. Plus, about 2-5 lighting fixtures will be sufficient for lighting purposes. On the other hand, commercial garage space requires LED bulbs with lumen power of 300 and beyond. Also, the number of lights required for commercial garages should be 5 and above.

Garage Lighting

     4. Prefer suitable LED lights

As mentioned above, different LED lights are used for different purposes. There are several types of lights like T8 LED tube lights, LED flush mount lights, LED up & down lights, LED flush mount lights, recessed LED downlights, LED pendant lights, etcetera. Each light varies in terms of illumination and purpose. Furthermore, wattage plays an integral role in the visibility scenario because how well lit the premise depends on how much wattage the LED light contains. So, you must ensure that you are looking for high wattage lights food serious task purposes and low wattage lights for soft illumination purposes.

     5. LED lights are a better alternative to conventional lights

It is obvious that LED lights are a preferred lighting option that enhances visibility by simultaneously offering several efficient benefits. Wherever you plan to set up your garage with suitable garage lighting fixtures, you should opt for LED lights. Compared to conventional lights, LED lights are durable, give better performance, run longer, do not cause harm to the environment, and most importantly, their wattage equivalency to conventional lights helps in reducing power consumption bills.

     6. T8 LED tube lights are appropriate garage lighting fixtures

T8 LED tube lights are one of the most appropriate garage lighting fixtures that illuminate the premises with proper lighting. They are easy to install and do not necessarily require a ballast fixture. You can just plug and play them. In addition, the lights come with a high CRI rate and apt color temperature that ensures a properly visible atmosphere.

Garage Lighting

     7. Properly arrange all forms of LED lights

You should be very particular with the lighting part when you are setting up the garage lighting. Every light should be set in its designated position, that too at an apt distance. Make sure you are placing the right light at the right spot. For instance, the T8 LED tube lights should not be fixed at the corners. Also, liner high bay LED lights must not be hung too low or too high. Moreover, don’t go overboard with the ambient and accent lights, as they are used for majorly enhancing the ambiance.

      8. Prefer high CRI LED tubes

Since LED tubes are one of the most preferred lighting fixtures for garages, you must be careful while picking them. Always ensure that your T8 LED tube lights or other LED tubes have a high CRI. An above 80 & 90 CRI rate helps create a natural environment in the garage premises. Whether you opt for the LED tubes for residential or commercial garages, they must contain a high CRI value because no matter how wide the area is, a natural light dispersing fixture always aces the visibility criteria.

Garage Lighting

     9. Use motion sensor feature garage lighting fixtures

As far as lighting is important, conserving the resources is essential too. The motion sensor is an exquisite feature in LED lighting fixtures that helps you save power when they are not in use. It automatically detects motion and works accordingly. 

     10. Natural light is always apt

As charming and effective LED lights sound, they are a little less compared to natural lights as nothing beats them. However, natural lights are always the best for lighting up any premises. If you have time and your budget allows you, try renovating the garage premises in such a manner that the flow of natural light can stay uniform with a wide reach. Adding on, natural lights will help you reduce your total power consumption and reflect in your electricity bills. If not, then you can always consider the LED garage lighting option.

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