100 Watt LED Corn Bulb Easily Replaces Edison Bulb

It isn’t only the paint that makes your home vibrant, but lighting also plays a vital part. Talk to any good architect, and he will tell you how smartly picked lights make a big difference to homes. Like, if you install 100-watt corn bulb in your outdoor tennis court,  you will find, it spreads better brightness around. Alike, if you live in an opulent home, where expensive paintings talk about your status, installing 100-watt LED Corn Bulbs in your home garden will easily enhance visibility.

LED Corn Bulb’s Structure

LED Corn Bulbs are corn shaped with many tiny LED lights. These tiny lights enhance its luminous quotient. Where an ordinary bulb’s life is around 50,000 hours, the state-of-the-art LED Corn Bulbs’ life is more than 10,0000 hours, that means just twice than any Fluorescent or Metal halide bulb.

Corn Bulbs have an edge over Conventional Bulbs

Fluorescent and Halide bulbs need Ballasts, whereas Corn Bulb doesn’t require it. E39, the base makes installation effortless and easy.

These bulbs convert electricity to light, whereas ordinary Fluorescent and Halide bulbs convert much of the power into heat.

LED Corn Bulbs are environment-friendly. When one picks these bulbs over Incandescent Bulbs, one automatically becomes the part of the community which favors environment-friendly appliances.

In the present time, people love to visit outdoor restaurants. The owners of the outdoor restaurants can increase footfalls by installing more and more Corn Bulbs in the porch and the dining zone.

Other Pivotal Features

360 lighting allows seeing products from all angles.

Saves more than 70% energy, that means less electricity bill.


No celebration or occasion is complete without lighting.  Now how you pick these lights, manifests your knowledge. Here we have given adequate information about the 100 watts LED Corn Bulbs.  In case you want to know more about these bulbs, then you can talk to our technical experts.

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