This flicker free light, encased in aluminum body, is perfect for industrialists and entrepreneurs. Without much of effort, 150 watts LED UFO HIGH BAY replaces 400W Metal Halide Light. These lights are dimmable, so they can be easily hooked or mounted. Built-in-lighting protection, surge prevention, over current protection, voltage protection make it an ideal light.

Where one installs these UFO Lights

Warehouses: It is a big place surrounded by cartons, forklifts, racks, weighing machines, cameras and sensors. Industrialists use this place to stock their goods. There is always a lot of buzz around the warehouse, so installation of good lights becomes inevitable.

To keep eyes on goods, not only cameras but LED UFO HIGH BAY is also installed, these lights not only enhance visibility but also contributes in security and protection.

Cold Storage: Cold Storage is a hub where those products are installed which are sensitive towards temperature. Like, Leafy vegetables, cottage cheese, animal products are some of the products procured in cold storage. Earlier fluorescent lamps, HID and HPS installed, these lights would accentuate storage temperature. In the present times, 150 WATT LED UFO HIGH BAY is installed here, this light is unique because it doesn’t increase cold storage temperature.

Petrol Centers: Petrol pumps are public place. People visit this place to fetch fuel for their vehicles, one carelessness can trigger fire, so the manager opts various measures to keep the place safe. Like, UFO Lights are installed on the ceilings, so that temperature around the pump won’t escalate.

Exhibitions Galleries: UFO Bay Lights are also installed in galleries. These lights not only make the place captivating but also bring relief for visitors because of low temperature.

Gaming zone: These days people don’t have time, life has become pretty fast. Keeping fast scenario in mind, entrepreneurs have diversified into mall culture. These malls not only have eateries, shops, but also gaming zone. UFO’s in these zones make the place more vivid and live.

Conclusion: UFO Lights are not mere lights but a concept, If you want to know how these lights can contribute to your business, then you must take lighting engineer’s advice.

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