150 Watts LED Pole Lights Are Perfect For Vigilance

150 Watts LED Pole Lights Are Perfect For Vigilance

New age cities are not only artistic, but they are also dotted with state-of-the-art pole lights

These days crimes are increasing at an alarming rate. To control these crimes, builders are installing sophisticated LED Pole Lights, modern cameras and automatic metal gates. Now, the question is, why are these constructors installing Pole Lights?  

Why do builders install LED Pole Lights near Boulevard and parking zone?

The Boulevard is dotted with green trees. This place is surrounded by green foliage that’s why the lights around trees become inevitable. Just like this, parking zone is one place where a trail of cars is parked. Thieves and thugs will not get an opportunity to steal things from the car and other vehicles, keeping this view, builders prefer150 watts, pole light.

Surrounded by die-cast aluminum, Pole Lights are not only good at lighting but they are also water proof. Yes, heavy rains, thunderstorm, birds’ poop, nothing can affect their function. Not many people know, these lights’ 150-degree beam angle helps in dispersing the light. 

How 150 watts LED Pole Lights are best for Boulevards?   

Boulevards enhance the looks of the place; perfectly cut trees near the township’s entrance are like fresh air. In the day time, these trees don’t need any protection, but at night, they definitely adequate light. State-of-the-art LED Pole Lights help in spotting ferocious animals, these lights also protect the place from unsocial elements. 150 watts LED Pole Light easily replace 450 watts Metal Halide light. This also means one can save good money on electricity.

How 150 watts LED Pole Lights are perfect for indoor sports?  

Advance infrastructure is dotted with the best amenities and facilities. People living in these cities and townships need not travel for recreational activities, keeping this thought dedicated Volleyball and Tennis court is built around them. Not to mention, during day time, the sun illuminates courts and at night, floodlights and LED Pole Lights do the same. 150 watts LED Pole Lights don’t need much of the power, that’s why they are also installed to strengthen safety.

What are the superior features that make 150 watts Led pole light perfect for parks and playground?

There are many features that make Led Pole Light apt for parks and playground. LED Pole Light doesn’t flicker. Its sturdy body makes it shock resistant.

The Heat sink is an integral part of LED POLE LIGHTS. Because of aluminum covering these lights remain safe from the excessive heat.


150 watts LED Pole Lights are available in various versions. Like Slip Fitter Mount, Yoke Mount and Direct Mount and many others.

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