2x4 LED Panel Lights are Suitable for Commercial and Residential Units...

2x4 led panel lights

...Let us know what makes these 5000K Dimmable better than on LED lights.     

LED Panel Lights are in vogue. These lights have redefined lighting concept. Not to mention, 5000K, 8280 Lumen fixtures are the best for offices, medical institutions, and lobbies. Now let us know what makes these LED panels so superior?

Certification: ETL, UL and DLC certificates talk about authenticity and quality of panel lights. Before buying the LED Panel Lights, check they must have these certificates.

Size: LED Panel Lights come in various sizes, viz. 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4, you can pick any size as per your need. Here we would like to tell, ideal for industrial and commercial units, 72 watts panel comes in a sleek and slim design.

Lumen per watt: Lumen means total output, like, how much power is converted to light? While selecting LED Panel Lights, you must know 2x4 panel light has 8280 Lumens.

Color Temperature: The color temperature tells us about the colors of light. There are various colors of light viz. Cool White,  Warm White and the Natural White.

Place: LED Panel Lights are suitable for hotels, malls and, restaurants. If you are opening a big restaurant, you can install LED Panel Lights in the lobby or around reception zone.

 Some more interesting facts

Did you know, with a color temperature of 5000K and a lumen output of 8280 lumens, 72watts Led Panels light fixture easily replaces 400 watts fluorescent tube light?

The panel is well-known for emitting a soft and uniform light and hence highly recommended for existing drop-in ceilings in contemporary offices.   

Which of the places are perfect to install these lights?

One can install these lights near the reception zone or on the ceiling of a cafeteria or in restaurants. In contemporary times more and more health institutions are installing 2X4 LED Panel Lights.


There are many more interesting features of Panel Lights, to know about them, keep reading this blog. In case, you have any query about 2x4, 5000K Dimmable, you can post it.

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