2X4 LED Panel Lights, Simple Yet Elegant

2x4 led panel lights

It happens light fixture seems simple to you but there are many technological features that make it suitable for specific industry or place. Like, if I talk about LED wall pack lights, this light appears high-intensity fixture, but there are many technological features that make it apt for security and vigilance. Just like this, when one thinks of hospitals and reception zone, only LED Panel lights to come to our mind. 

Which of the technological features make this light advance and superior, let us check here.

You can easily install these lights

One can install these lights in four ways. Built-in, recessed, mounted and suspended. Recessed installation offers a sleek look, although others provide subdue lighting.   

Excellent CRI

LED panel lights have excellent CRI, that means when you put red or yellow or any other colored object under this light, the color doesn’t change like a chameleon.    

Superb Beam Angle

Normal LED lights have 40 to 60-degrees beam angle, whereas 2X4 LED panel lights have a 120-degrees angle, which helps in interspersing the light in the wider area.

led panel lights

Strong aluminum protection

LED lights aluminum housing with an integrated edge lit frosted lens makes it suitable for lobbies, narrow aisle, gyms, and restaurants. This housing not only helps in proper dissemination of light, but it also controls excessive heat.  


There are lighting fixtures which aren’t environment-friendly, once you dispose of these fixtures, they still emit poisonous gases. When you pick LED panel lights, you also support the environment as these lights do not emit poisonous gases.  


LED Panel lights come with dimmer compatibility. Yes, you can increase or decrease the intensity of panel light through an outer dimmer switch. 

Myriad Sizes

Various people have various needs, to meet array of demands, this fixture comes in different sizes, that is, 2x2 and 2x4.

Energy Saving

The best lights not only have excellent luminous but they also save a lot of energy. When you install LED panel lights in walkways, sports clubs, and restaurants, you effortlessly save more than 75% energy.   


These lights leave a soothing effect on eyes. And perhaps that is why surgeons, doctors, teachers, and mentors prefer these lights for medical institutions, schools and colleges. If you are looking for a lighting fixture for your educational institution, or you have taken a contract for an upcoming hospital, then you can visit LEDMyplace for better insight.
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