300 watts LED Pole Lights are Suitable for Boulevard and Walkways

LED Pole Lights

Nowadays the townships and cities are planned. Professional construction companies consider every small thing while planning walkways and parking zones. When they plan spacious gardens, they also think about LED Pole Lights. When the rich constructors envisage parking zone, they always leave space for LED Pole Lights. It might sound like some phrase, but the truth is, 300 watt Pole Lights are like hanging torches.

Without these lights, it is almost impossible to guard vehicles. Wise constructors know the lights are bit expensive still, they prefer them.

What makes these lights inevitable for state-of-the-art parking zone?

Contemporary parking is a lot more than high-tech security cameras and elevators. These 300 watts Pole Lights not only illuminate parking zones but also keep thieves and drug addicts at bay.

LED Pole lights

Superior features of 300 watts LED Pole Lights

Waterproof outdoor LED retrofit lamp easily replaces 1000 watts Metal Halide fixtures.

LED Pole Light effortlessly save $1000 in the 10-year period.

The use of ultra wide angled polycarbonate optics in lights provides high application efficacy, uniformity, and glare control.

Quality certificates viz. UL, CUL, DLC, CE, qualify them for rebates.

Die-cast aluminum in lights can withstand any impact. Besides this, appealing powder coating imparts richness to design.

These lights have a good lifespan, i.e. 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about bulb’s replacement.

300 watts Pole Lights’ beams are health-friendly.

LED Pole lights have good resistance against bad weather.

Illumination uniformity and color rendering also make these lights perfect to illuminate ergonomically designed buildings.

Heat Sink is an integral part of the LED’s Pole lights.

You don’t have to do drilling and cutting to install 300 watts Pole lights.

In contemporary times, variety is the real king. These lights come in various versions viz. Yard light, Slip fitter, Direct Mount, Yoke Mount, and many others.


We have provided adequate information about 300 watts LED Pole Lights. In case you want some more details, then you can have a word with our customer care executive.

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