4 Reasons To Change Your Office Lighting To LED Immediately

led panel lights

Are you still stuck in the era of CFLs and incandescent lights for your office lighting?

Fluorescent lights are energy vampires. They suck money out of your pocket, and also make you less productive. 

If you are a business owner, bad things are going to scale up for you as well. BAd lighting costs you more money in the electricity bills and your employees’ productivity. 

LEDs are the best replacement you are seeking, and if not, you should be seeking this solution. 

LEDs make you more productive.

Over the years, office lighting has become a factor affecting the productivity of workers. Since offices have become more enclosed, workers seldom get to see sunlight. 

In this age of competition, more and more workforce is needed. Workforce requires offices, and offices require spaces. Pressure is increasing on the limited land spaces available. Many office spaces are now sandwiched between 6 walls, with hardly any windows. 

 In research conducted about how lighting affects productivity in “The Responsible Workplace,” it was shown that windows were the number one determinant of the occupants’ level of satisfaction with a building. 

More natural light coming through windows determine the level of productivity. 

No matter the time of the day, LEDs produce natural color temperatures, which is responsible for productivity. According to research conducted by Tufts University, this same happens as well. 

LEDs save you a lot of bucks.

 That’s one of the most cliched and most significant benefits of using LEDs. 

You can light two or more LEDs with the same amount of power and bills. This is all because of their working mechanism, which is highly efficient. Old lighting cost you more bucks on bills, lasts much before LEDs  

LED panels and troffers are generally used in office lightings. Their power consumption varies from 30 watts to 70 watts, which is half of the power consumption of the so-called old is gold bulbs.

Less Flickering And Dimmable

Another ordinary thing with LEDs that make it extraordinary is non-flickering. Thanks to the fast energy transitions taking place in the LEDs, flickering in the LEDs are negligible. For healthy eyes, the flickering is almost non-existent.

LEDs are dimmable, which makes it more flexible and more usable. Your conference room can turn into a presentation room with this feature. 

When you have more options, you can dim to the light up and down based on your eye therapeutic levels. This feature is also a bonus for power consumption.

Color Temperatures

LEDs offer excellent color temperature. LED panel lights and troffers have high CRIs of more than 80. High CRIs means that the color temperatures thus produced are closed to ambient daylight. 

This factor alone is enough to change someone’s mind about old lightings. 

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