5 Cool Things To Do with LED Strip Lights for Room

LED Strip Lights for Room

LED has gained so much popularity as it offers a cost-efficient way to illuminate your space. Versatile LED lights are light weighted, flexible, and easily installable. Nowadays, most people prefer to purchase LED Strip Lights, which is why everyone is looking for LED lighting ideas. 

LED strip lights can be used for various lighting types such as couch lighting, car lighting, room decor, and many more!

Are you looking for LED Strip Lights décor ideas for your home? I must say that I have outstanding ideas for you in my mind. If it is about home décor, then Strip Lights are the best to be used as wall lighting.

Let's discuss how?  

Here we have outlined some light strip ideas that you can work on using LED light strips. I hope this will be helpful and interesting!


  1. To light up your walls, there are numerous ways to use LED strip lights as accent lighting. 

LED strip lights

Recessed wall Lighting

LED strip lights can be used as recessed wall lighting as they glimpse the false ceiling's hollow space. If you want to provide a diffused and mellow look to your space, it is the perfect way to install strip light. You can consider installing this lighting to create a more sophisticated look in your homes, offices, and commercial spaces for shelf lighting.

Surface Mounted Wall Lighting

For using strip lighting as surface-mounted wall lighting, you need to paste the strip lights on the wall surface, and these are mostly preferred if there is the requirement of unfiltered bright light in your space.

Decorative Wall Lighting

Use RGB LED Strip Light or RGBW LED Strip lights and let your creativity be on height. Be creative and try to create art pieces on your wall.


  1. Install LED Strip Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

LED Strip Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

To any woman, the kitchen is one of her favorites, and the kitchen is an essential feature of any home. The kitchen is also considered the focal point of the house so let's make it most attractive. Using LED Strip Light, you can show lots of creativity for various spaces of your kitchen as these lights are three in one that is compact, bright, and energy-efficient. To get the neon effect of light, use rope lights, and consider installing tape light for diffused illumination. To enhance your kitchen cabinets' features and make them pop, you can use tape lights from both inside and outside of your cabinet and boost your kitchen's quality by aligning LED tape lights with kitchen counters.


  1. Backlighting of your LCD Screen with LED Strip Lights

LCD Screen with LED Strip Lights

I must say that this DIY will become the favourite project for all teenagers. Full-on styling of your room by backlighting your TV screen is an excellent way of using LED strip light. It is one of the most flexible and safe lightings. By being worry-free, you can install them in the backside of your TV as it won't hamper at any cost.  So choose any colour from various options of colour available in LED Strip Lights. You can also prefer colour-changing LED Strip Lights.


  1. Provide accent lighting to your staircase by installing LED Strip lights

staircase by installing LED Strip lights

The perfectly illuminated staircase will look outstanding; it hardly matters that the staircase is made up of glass, wood, metal, or any other material. The ideal solution for illuminating your staircase is installing LED Strip lights as it is flexible, safe, small in size, and easily installable. The illuminated staircase creates an illusion of a wider and broader view, so it's the perfect technique to bring some depth and width to any narrow staircases. Prefer to go with classic colors like warm and cool white as it will work in the best way.


  1. Highlight your display case by installing LED Strip Lights

The display case is common for both settings, whether residential or commercial. You will find it made up of glasses or a combo of metal, wood, or glass. To highlight the items kept inside, install LED Strip Lights. LED Strip Lights have excellent heat dissipation, so they won't damage any items kept around even after being continuously lit for long hours.

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