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5 Things That Happen When You Switch To UFO LED High Bay Lights

UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights
UFO LED High Bay Lights

In the evolution of the latest lighting appliances, we have come across to the LED lighting solution that offers benefits to the operators. Most of the people get confused while choosing lighting sources for the wide space. To clear this confusion, we have made UFO LED High Bay Lights especially to illuminate the wide space.

Many warehouses have switched to UFO LED lights, but this article post is for those operators who haven’t switched their current lighting fixtures with the smart lighting solution.

In this article post, we’ll tell you what happens when you switch to the UFO LED high bay lighting fixture.

  • Energy Saving
  • Better Illumination
  • Light Up Wider Area
  • No Heat Up
  • No More Insect Ingression

These are the 5 visible things that have happened when switching with LED lights.


With the remarkable efficiency of 80%, LED lights tend to reduce energy consumption as compared to the other light source, the remaining energy converts to heat.

Whereas, other lighting fixtures convert 20% of energy to light and the rest of it convert the energy to heat. Well, LED lights are 100% recyclable and save the environment from an apocalypse.


Being an owner of the wide space, you might be aware of the lighting requirement of space. UFO LED High Bay Lights have a unique ability to illuminate space with the quality and better light shades.

With the 80+ (CRI) color rendering index, this lighting source emits the quality lighting from the high ceiling so that the objects would show their original color.

This fixture comes with the variant light shade such as natural white and day white light outcome that fill the space with blazing light.


If we compare the metal halides with the UFO LED high bay light, metal halides don’t brighten up the wider space because of the narrow beam angle but with the LED light fixture, it has 120 - degree beam angle that is equivalent to two metal halides for illumination.

By having this much beam angle range, you don’t need to install too many fixtures to your space, only a few fixtures would be enough for your warehouse space.


Most of the metal halides get heat up very quickly and leads to catch fire or short circuit and demands costly maintenance for the longer lifespan. LED lighting fixtures don’t heat up quickly because of the thermal heat dissipation.

It has an aluminum heat sink that is an excellent conductor to reduce the heat and enhance the fixture duration.


Because of IP65 protection, UFO LED high bay light is protected from dust, water, and insects ingression. Insects are attracted toward the light that’s why most of the high ceiling lighting contains insects which affect the illumination.

In The End

We hope that you get the message behind this article post. Once you start using UFO LED light, you would automatically start liking the product’s feature. Apart from that, this fixture has a lowers that controls the lighting outcome and lower the light as per your requirement and reduces more energy consumption that saves money.

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