5 Things to Know Before Shopping for LED Wall Packs

5 Things to Know Before Shopping for LED Wall Packs

If you are looking for a smart lighting solution that doesn’t consume high electric energy and emits an ideal light as you dreamed of.

At LEDMyplace, you will get the best lighting solution which operates on low energy and illuminates blazing lighting output to the outdoor space. We offer long lifespan which virtually requires no maintenance. LED Wall Packs are an ideal lighting fixture for outdoor space.

It has been specially manufactured for improving security and safety in the parking lots, walkway, and warehouses. Before jump onto the important facts, let us describe the different types of LED Wall Packs down below:

Types of LED Wall Packs

There are many variants of wall packs which have some different features and application:

  • Mini Wall Packs
  • Security Wall Packs
  • Rotatable Wall Packs
  • Semi-cutoff Wall Packs
  • Full Cut-off
  • Forward Throw Wall Packs

Mini Wall Packs: This wall pack generates the same lighting as the HID fixture does. By using this fixture you can reduce your lighting bills by 75% and save money on it. With the color temperature of 5700K neutral white light glow along with the color rendering index of 80+ to give the realistic look.

Security Wall Pack: This luminaire delivers the high lumen output of 2000lm which reduces eliminates the dark spots in the space an offers safety and security. This is an IP64 rated product which protects the fixture against dirt and water splashes. With the ultra wide angle of 110-degree, it emits the mercury-free through the light beam.

Rotatable Wall Pack: It is a rotatable lighting fixture which you can rotate while operating. With the high CRI (Color Rendering Index) it pours the quality light to space so that you can see the true color of surroundings. This fixture is a substitute of metal halide fixture. It is a DLC approved product which indicates that the user is eligible for the rebate.

Semi-Cutoff: It is a significant lighting fixture which saves up to 75% on energy consumption and reduces the lighting bills. This fixture has a cap on the fixture to increase the focus on the particular object. The fixture doesn’t include any posing gases in the lighting output.

Full-Cutoff: The design of this fixture has been manufactured to emits the full focused lighting on the object in the area. With the 5700K day white light, this fixture can easily replace the HID lamps.

Forward Throw: It is the latest lighting fixture which directly replaces the conventional lighting lamps. It is a security lighting fixture which emits the radiation-free light output. It reduces the lighting cost and let you save up to 75% money on energy bills.

Before purchasing the right fixture for your application, first, get in touch with our customer support team (815-697-5223) so that they can provide you with the perfect fixture as per your requirement. There are some important components which you must know before purchasing LED Wall Packs.

led wall pack

5 Main Components of LED Wall Packs

  • Lifespan: The operational lifespan of wall pack is more than 50,000 hours which requires low maintenance cost. It is three times more than any conventional lighting fixture. If you use it for 12 hours a day still you can operate this fixture for 5 years.
  • Lumen Output: The lumen output of any fixture defines the highest reach of light. The LED Wall Pack offers the highest lumen up to 15000lm. Make sure that you buy the better lumen fixture for your requirement.
  • Heat Sink: This fixture has a heat sink dissipation feature which helps the fixture to keep it cool. It has an aluminum housing which instantly cools down the fixture.
  • Shatterproof: It is a complete shatterproof fixture which protects the fixture from external stress and any ordinary breaking circumstances.
  • Certifications: You must check for the certification before buying any LED fixture. LED Wall Pack is certified from UL, DLC, and DLC premium listed.

At LEDMyplace, we have helped many building owners to find their ideal lighting fixture. If you are also looking for it and find this article related to your needs. Get in touch with our LED experts to get your smart lighting fixture. Contact details are mentioned on our official site.

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