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5 Tips to Consider While Buying LED Security Lighting

5 Tips to Consider While Buying LED Security Lighting
5 Tips to Consider While Buying LED Security Lighting
5 Tips to Consider While Buying LED Security Lighting
5 Tips to Consider While Buying LED Security Lighting

Being secure is everyone’s right. All the states have strict constitutions and rules for any kind of criminal activities but it isn’t enough to control these activities. That’s why the state government had decided to install cameras and replace the conventional lighting fixture with the LED outdoor lighting fixtures. These two steps took a huge step towards to make the state and every city secure and safe for everyone even it’s dark.

With the new concept of LED lighting, many street lights have been replaced with LED Security Lighting to illuminate the outdoor space with the high lumen output fixtures.

Lumen output have a direct relationship with the lighting output. Higher the lumen at low wattage leads to getting bright light at low lighting energy cost.

The usage of conventional lighting sources such as metal halide and sodium vapor fixtures are constantly going down. Light manufacturing industries have stopped producing them due to the content of hazardous elements like mercury, UV, IR rays and alike.

Then, which fixture to install for your outdoor space?

In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose an ideal outdoor security fixture.

How an ideal security light should be?

When LED Lighting fixtures were launched in the market, people didn’t want to buy them due to higher initial cost. The initial cost of these LED lighting fixtures are quite higher but it brings a great deal to the table in the long run.

We manufacture LED Flood Light to illuminate the wide outdoor space to make the area secure and safe. This fixture is mostly used in the commercial and industrial units. This lighting fixture helps your space stand out. With its high-quality lighting where longevity and stability are paramount, you can save your wallet from energy bills.

Bright and shield flood lights often prevent people from noticing criminal activity and helps criminal to see what they are doing.

An ideal security lighting should have high CRI and required CCT to emits the quality light to space.

Are you getting sufficient lighting output from your fixture?

This question would definitely confuse you. You might wonder the performance of your present lighting fixture.

Well!!! There is no need to worry if you are using LED Lighting Fixtures for your outdoor space but if you have installed metal halide fixture and keep thinking that fixture would be a safe and beneficial deal for you.

Undoubtedly, metal halide fixtures are available at a lower cost but they are not a great choice for the long term savings. The reason is, the MH fixtures have higher wattage and consume more energy than LED lighting fixtures.

Then what?

The answer is simple. LED lighting fixture should be the best and ideal choice for you. Firstly, they consume low energy and illuminate the space with high lumen output.

How much energy does it consume?

It has been proven that choosing metal halide fixture for the security purpose is equals to burning your money. Selecting MH fixture light instead of LED Flood Lights as your security lighting can be a huge loss for you because MH fixture illuminates the space at high energy consumption i.e. if you select 300W LED Flood Light, you can replace 1000W metal halide fixture.

What else you want from a lighting fixture? One LED fixture can replace upto 2 MH fixtures.

Up To You….

Now it is up to you what fixture you want for your space DLC Listed LED Flood Lights or Metal Halide. We also offer the 100% energy efficient lighting fixture LED Solar Flood Lights. If you have any query related to lighting fixture you can comment down below. We would be happy to convey the right information so that you can the right decision and get the right lighting for your space.

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