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6 Significant Features Of LED Pole Lights

LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights

The myriad advancement in lighting technology makes our life easier and safer in outdoor space. With the LED Pole Light source, we have come so far to make our city secure in the night time. If you have planned to save money on lighting bills then it is must switch your old lighting fixtures with the pole lights.

While daylight, it is easy to save energy because there is no requirement of light but the same day in the night time, we need lighting to feel safe.

This fixture would be installed to the outdoor space such as the entrance of the industrial space, streets, parks, highways, much more outdoor space. There are some significant features that make the light source more convenient and efficient for the operators.

Durable Construction: - With the rugged construction of LED Pole Lights, these fixtures are perfect to face the critical weather situation. Because of the commercial grade construction, the fixture would get caused by corrosion, rust, and zink. As this fixture is an outdoor light source, it is must be protected from dust, insects, and water ingression. An IP65 rating keeps the pole light save from all these.

Dimmable LED Pole Lights: - Does your outdoor lamp post allows you to control the light outcome? LED Pole Lights comes with the dimmer that allows you to set the lighting from lower to higher. The dimmable feature would allow reducing energy consumption.

LED Pole Lights

Dusk to Dawn Sensor: - It is quite critical to turns on and off pole light on a regular basis. To keep this thing in mind, this light source has dusk to dawn sensor that makes the fixture automatic. It automates the fixture and turns the fixture on in the night and off in the day.

Motion Sensor: - If security and savings is your priority, then the motion sensor does work for you. It detects the motion and lightens up space instantly, it works when it detects motion otherwise the fixture would be off which lead to save energy and trim the lighting bills.

Dispersion: - Most of the metal halides have harmful components such as mercury, UV, and IR rays in the light outcome. LED Pole Light comes with the light shade of warm white, natural white, and day white light output. With the 70+ rendering index, the fixture emits the quality light to shows the true color of objects.

We wonder, Why people don’t switch to LED Outdoor Lights? After knowing the benefits of the LED Pole Lights. If you really care about your city and want to keep everyone secure then install these pole lights to your outdoor space.
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