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60 Watt RGB LED Wall Pack Lights, Provide Unbeatable Security

LED Wall Packs
LED Wall Packs
LED Wall Packs
LED Wall Packs

Many people know about fancy lights, but they don’t know much about 60 watts RGB LED Wall Pack Lights. If you are also part of this category, then we would like to tell you semi cut Led Wall Pack lights are installed in the parking zone, outside stadiums, and near taxi stands.

These lights are not an ordinary one, so you should have proper information about its application. Like where do you want to install these LED Wall Pack Lights? There are many Wall Pack lights available in the market, before buying them, you must know the difference between chalk and cheese.

LED Wall Pack lights and Ordinary Wall Pack Lights

When you buy LED Wall Pack Lights, you don’t have to face issues, like dark spots underneath the fixture.

Where ordinary Wall Pack Lights need maintenance, LED Wall Pack Lights don’t need much care.

An ordinary wall pack lights consume more power, whereas LED survives on less energy.

Its automatic sensors are a big threat for thieves. The moment, intruder comes near these lights, sensors attached to it alert the security personnel.  

Now the big question is, how to install these lights?

Installing 60 RGB Wall Pack doesn’t need a master degree. Follow a few simple steps to install these lights.

STEP 1: Take a drill machine and put four holes in the ceiling. After this insert plastic screw anchor into the holes.

STEP 2: Put the fixed pegboard against the wall, put 2 beveled sides of the fixed peg board downward and upward and then screw the mounting screws.

STEP 3: Screw a hex screwdriver clockwise to tighten the fixing screws.

STEP 4: Connect the blue line and brown line of the lamp separately with the neutral line and the live line of the mains supply. The yellow-green ground wire must be earthed.


In present times when the crime rate is increasing by leaps and bound, Wall Pack lights are a suitable answer to intruders. Needless to say, when you put LED Wall Pack Lights, you not illuminate surroundings, but also strengthen security.

These lights come in various wattage, if you have any question related to its brightness, color temperature or power consumption, just post it on our website.

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