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7 Most Popular And Reliable Led Outdoor Lights You Need To Know About

led outdoor lights
led outdoor lights
led outdoor lights
led outdoor lights

Whether considering the security of an abandoned building or a flourishing residential premises, LED outdoor lights have become one of the most popular and reliable choices worldwide. While LED lighting fixtures consume less energy in comparison with conventional counterparts, they also allow better illumination. Excellent lighting quality, several different ambient temperatures, exceptional lifespan, and robust construction makes LED outdoor security light fixtures one the most sought after lighting solutions on the market. 

Here, you will go through a list of various outdoor LED lighting fixtures that you should consider in future lighting projects.

LED Flood Light - 15W, Flood Mount- 5700K 

led flood lights

This particular LED lighting fixture is ideal for a small facade or backyard. It allows easy flood-style installation on flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and floors. The fixture provides an excellent output of 1635 lumens, which will be sufficient for illuminating outdoor spaces. Since this fixture comes with a corrosion-resistant outer coating, you can be sure that it will withstand the moist winds and rains and stand against the test of time. It comes with premium-quality LED chips from the brand SEOUL, the fourth largest LED manufacturer globally. If there’s something you might want to confirm before buying this LED flood light fixture, it would be your property’s wattage and lumen output requirement!

LED Dimmable Canopy Light, 45W - DLC Listed, Waterproof 

LED Dimmable Canopy Light

This 45W LED canopy lighting fixture is the perfect choice for lighting up the walkway of our canopied outdoor kitchenette. It will consume only 45 watts of energy per hour and provide an outstanding output of 117 lumens per watt. At any given time, the fixture will provide an output of 5275 lumens, which will be enough for small outdoor areas. However, if you wish to install a canopy lighting fixture for illuminating a vast outdoor space, consider choosing a high-watt variant!

LED Dusk to Dawn Light 55W- 5700K- with Photocell

led yard lights

Introduce the outdoor area of your home with a couple of these LED pole lights, and you’ll be glad to make the decision. In years to come, the light will serve your home without the need to switch it on and off manually. A smart photocell sensor that looks like a blue bottle cap mounted atop the fixture allows it to adjust in response to the ambient light in an outdoor area. Simply put, the light will come out at dusk and go off at dawn. At 55 watts, this fixture will provide a total output of 6790 lumens, sufficient for illuminating outdoor spaces like backyards, facades, gardens, and lawns. 

150W LED Pole Light with Photocell - 5700K - Yoke Mount 

led pole lights 150w

If you are looking for a heavy-duty outdoor fixture, this 150-watt LED pole light is the perfect choice to make! A couple of these fixtures on the periphery of your residential property, and you can expect brilliant and eye-pleasing outdoor illumination for years to come! The fixture also comes with a photocell sensor. Thus, there won’t be a need to switch it on and off every day! Furthermore, the fixture comes with industry-standard safety certifications, ensuring reliability in harsh outdoor conditions. 

LED Dusk to Dawn Light, 70W- 5700K Bronze- With Photocell

LED Dusk to Dawn Light

Do you want to illuminate the outdoor areas of your garage without witnessing a shocking surge in utility bills? If yes, this 70-watt LED dusk to dawn lighting fixture is your one true friend! It will consume very little energy peruse and provide sufficient lighting around your garage’s surroundings, and so you’ll never miss the gate. The lighting fixture is available in several lumen output levels and wattage ratings, so you can always get a perfect match for various outdoor lighting applications. 

LED Up & Down Light Half Cylinder- Double Side

led up and down lights

Now, here comes a lighting fixture that will serve two functions. First, upon installation on garden walls, or poolside,  it will offer sufficient illumination, facilitating easy navigation during the night. Second, it will provide a beautiful wall-washing effect while providing upward and downward lighting. Fixtures like this one are easy to install and last longer than traditional outdoor wall lamps. Therefore, you must indeed consider this dual-purpose LED outdoor lighting fixture!

LED Neon Rope Light- UL Listed (white)

led neon rope lights

As you have gone through six of the seven lighting fixtures in this list, the last one has to be unique, like your sweet home! Here’s an LED rope lighting fixture for the outdoor spaces of your home. The rope light is ideal for pool lighting, poolside illumination, step lighting, and numerous other outdoor lighting applications. You can even use this rope light to create a lovely, hilarious, angry, or inspiring signboard for the next party you are about to host. Go on ad give it a thought!

See You Soon with More Lights!

So, that was our list of seven LED outdoor light fixtures that you must know. However, if there are any LED lights that you would like to know about, write-in at info@ledmyplace, and we’d be glad to cover those in another blog post. You can also get in touch with our lighting experts or visit the collection pages to know more about the LED pole lights, LED canopy lights, LED flood lights, and LED rope lights from this list. 

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