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9 Décor Ideas By Using LED Strip Lights

led strip lights
led strip lights
led strip lights
led strip lights

LED lights have become popular enough as it is a cost-efficient way to illuminate your space. These lights are enormously multifunctional, light-weighted, flexible, and easily installable. Many people shop for LED Strip Lights by any medium, whether online or offline, and everyone keeps searching for LED decorative lighting ideas nowadays. 

We can use LED strip lights for numerous types of decoration!

Here we have outlined decorating ideas using LED strip lights, so if you want to start your cool led decoration projects, then prefer reading forward!

LED Strip Lights for:

1. Wall lighting

led strip lights

Are you looking for decorative lighting ideas for your home? Then trust me, nothing can be better than LED strip lights for wall lighting!

LED strip lights are used to illuminate space, and walls are most common of all. LED strip lights can brighten walls in numerous ways. Let's have a look at different ways of how to use LED strip lights for wall lighting:

Recessed Wall Lighting

LED strip lights glance through the hollow part of the wall in recessed wall lighting. If you want to provide a diffused and casual look to your space, it is considered the best Lighting. You can use recessed wall lighting in homes, offices, and even in commercial areas because it provides a more sophisticated look.

Surface Mounted Wall Lighting

In surface mounted wall lighting, the LED strip lights are mounted on the surface of the wall. If you need unfiltered bright light in your space, then you prefer this type of Lighting.

Decorative Wall Lighting

Be a little creative and use LED Strip Lights as decorative wall lighting. For creating art pieces on your wall, use RGB and RGBW LED strip lights. It is ideal for decorative Lighting and can be installed easily.

2. Backlighting in LCD Screens

Backlighting in LCD Screens

Provide backlighting to your television screen using LED Strip Light and add style to your TV and room. Rope lights are flexible, safe, and can be installed easily on the backside of your TVs. If you want to add aesthetics, then go for LED strip lights as it is an ideal solution.

Providing backlighting is the easiest process. Choose any from the variety of different LED neon rope lights and color-changing ones. 

3. LED Light Strips for Car lighting

Add style to your car by installing LED strip lights in each vital place, whether inside or outside your car. LED Neon Rope Lights can efficiently run by the engine of the car. It transforms the look of the car and makes it an appealing one. Let your creativity take flight if it comes to modification of cars.

Many things can be done for car lighting, such as strip lights used to highlight your car's interior or for adding aesthetics by under Lighting that will make your car glow. Choose colors as per your car's combination that complements the overall view of your car or keeps it simple and classy by preferring white light.

4. LED Accent Lighting ideas for Staircase

LED Accent Lighting ideas for Staircase

Most of the time, Staircase lighting is used to be the first LED do it yourself projects. Whether your Staircase is made up of any material such as glass, wood, metal, etc., it will look outstanding if it is perfectly illuminated. A great way to brighten your stairs is by using LED strip lights as it is small in size, flexible, and safe as well. You don't need to hire any professional for installing staircase lighting in your space as you can do it yourself because it can be installed easily.

A great way to make your stairs look broader and broader by perfect Lighting. Prefer any color of your choice, but the warm and cool white lights are the classic colors and work best if it is about staircase lighting.

5. Display Case Lighting

Display Case Lighting

In commercial spaces, the display cases are crucial, and it can also be found in domestic and industrial settings. Display cases can be made up of glasses, wood, or a combination of wood and metal. LED strip lights are known to be the best for illuminating the display case in the perfect way to highlight the items kept inside.

The best part of using LED strip lights is that the items kept inside the case will not get heated even after being lit continuously for hours. LED strip lights are excellent heat-dissipating and are designed to have lower thermal output.

 6. Kitchen Cabinet Lighting​

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting​

The most crucial home is the kitchen as it is located at principal point and hence needs to be perfectly lit. Numerous creative ways are there to enhance various kitchen parts by making usage of LED neon rope lights. LED strip lights are compact, bright, energy-efficient, and environment-friendly.

Both tape and rope lights can be used as cabinet lighting for the kitchen. Best to go with LED neon rope lights for having a neon effect. Tape lights emit diffused rays, so perfect for getting used in both spaces, whether inside and outside your kitchen cabinets, to make them pop. Align LED tape lights with the kitchen counter for enhancing the feature of your kitchen.

7. Ceiling Lighting

Common to be used as ceiling lighting as it is available in numerous sizes and can be installed in all three ways, i.e., recessed, surface mounted, or pendant lights. The LED strip light is an attractive choice for ceiling lighting as it is flexible and able to be getting controlled through wireless remote controllers. 

LED neon rope lights can be used to ramp up the place; usage of LED tape lights along with aluminum extrusions will make your space look classy. There is no limit of imagination if it comes to ideas for ceiling lighting with LED Strip Lights.

8. Party Lighting

Party Lighting

Any party or event can't ever get imagined without Lighting. It plays a significant role, and of course, the party will be dull without perfect Lighting. Lights are the one which defines the theme, style, and mood of the party. Décor ideas using LED Strip Lights are fantastic for party lighting as it can be installed quickly and are multifunctional. You can wrap it around objects, such as trees, etc, and can highlight certain areas. 

9. Vanity Mirror Lighting

led vanity mirror

Vanity mirrors need to be illuminated perfectly. LED strip lights decor ideas are perfect for vanity mirrors as it takes little space to install and provides high luminosity.


LED light strips are multifunctional that can be used to illuminate any space easily. LED light strips are available in numerous sizes and configurations. For more information, visit LEDMyplace.

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