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A Buyer's Guide for LED Pole Lights

An LED pole light is a component of an outdoor street lighting system that illuminates poorly lit roads to aid vehicle navigation. These lights maintain road safety while significantly reducing the risk of unfortunate events and injuries.

According to the top commercial lighting manufacturers, street lights are designed to support multiple LED lights for optimum illumination of the city.Outdoor LED street lights often have a multi-faceted versatility, as they can be used not only to illuminate roads but also to beautify public and private properties.

LED pole lights are used in a variety of settings, including parking lots, walkways, building grounds, parks, and landscape architecture. As a result, these lights must be sturdy, long-lasting, resistant, and appealing to the eye. Before you choose the correct pole lights, consider the following:

Height of the pole

Height of the pole

Despite the fact that LED street lights come in various sizes, concerned authorities are often encouraged to perform a survey to assess the acceptable pole height for specific areas. This survey aids in the development of an effective street lighting plan by providing additional details such as the number of luminaires needed for each pole, luminaire models, and pole count. At LEDMyplace, we have several LED Pole Lights ranging from 12 meters to 15 meters which can be used at several locations.

Mounting style

Mounting style

Users or concerned authorities must choose the type of mounts based on the intended use while preparing. Mount is a part of pole lights where lights are mounted. Some of the pole light mount styles that are commonly used in different application areas are yoke mount, slip fitter mount, and universal mount.

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Commercial LED pole lights are often used in outdoor areas and can withstand natural phenomena such as fog, strong winds, and storms. As a result, it is important to contact local authorities and collect appropriate data on wind speeds at various locations. This information aids in the construction of pole lights at the proper height.


Outdoor Commercial LED pole lights are susceptible to saltwater corrosion in some places, such as along the coast. As a result, only high-quality pole lights can be used. Additional protective steps, such as applying special anti-corrosive coatings, may be taken by concerned authorities. Over the years, pole lights have undergone several improvements. However, as the need for environmental protection and sustainability increases, it is crucial to expand the use of renewable energy sources and make them a viable choice for all. LED solar lighting solutions could be an excellent long-term energy-saving option in such a situation.

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