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A Definitive Guide for Choosing Fascinating LED Wall Sconces

LED wall sconces
LED wall sconces
LED wall sconces
LED wall sconces

What are wall sconces?

Wall sconces are decorative light fixtures that are installed on the wall. Interiors decorators recommend wall sconces as they add depth and luxury to the interiors. In addition, they are the most versatile light source found inside any home and deliver ambient lighting. LED wall sconces are available in different shapes and dimensions. Therefore, they are a suitable option for creating a comfortable environment inside the house.

State the difference between a wall sconce and a wall lamp?

LED wall sconces add an extra layer of brightness to your interiors. Wall lights define the elegance of the interiors with all kinds of lighting needs, whereas wall sconces are used both for ambient lighting and task lighting.

Wall sconces stand out as decorative pieces delivering soft brightness after sunset.

Different types of wall sconces  (Indoor segment)

1. Bell shaped single light wall sconce

Bell shaped single light wall sconce

It is a simple yet impressive design for the interiors. The Bell shaped single light LED wall sconces to add refinement to the interiors. In addition, the superior brushed nickel finish makes the fixture durable for prolonged usage.

The fixture comes with standard UL certification, which makes it safe for interior use. In addition, it has an E26 base which is a standard base for light fixtures. The fixture requires 120V input voltage to operate, and occasional maintenance is required.

2. Circular LED wall sconce

Circular LED wall sconce

Add impressions to your interiors with the dazzling circular LED wall sconce. The fixture’s body is made of superior quality iron, aluminum, and acrylic materials for better durability. Available in premium matte black and sand white, the circular LED wall sconce delivers a stunning look to the interiors.

The LED fixture has a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 3000K and operates on an input voltage of 120V. In addition, it comes with standard ETL certification and dimming options for better usage.

3. Half-moon-shaped LED wall sconce

Half-moon-shaped LED wall sconce

Implement a sophisticated style in your interiors with the designer class half-moon-shaped LED wall sconce. The 9W wall sconce comes with an input voltage of 120V and has a brushed nickel finish to deliver a stunning look. 

The brightness output of the LED wall sconce is 550 lumens, and the robust steel body and strong glass lens increase its lifespan. In addition, it has standard ETL certification and supports TRIAC dimming controls to adjust the brightness as per requirement.

4. Premium matte black finish LED wall sconce

 Premium matte black finish LED wall sconce

Create a timeless interior decor with the elegant matte black finish LED wall sconce. The indoor designer fixtures come with an E26 base. The LED fixture strikes a perfect balance between better classical designs and modern aesthetics. 

The strong fixture body is made of premium steel and features a matte black finish. The fixture is ideal for damp locations and can operate in extreme cold to hot temperatures. In addition, it comes with a standard UL safety certification.

Different types of wall sconces  (Outdoor segment)

1. Decorative outdoor bulkhead LED wall sconce

Decorative outdoor bulkhead LED wall sconce

Good quality light fixtures play a significant role in the beautification of the interiors. The LED fixture has a lumen output of 240 and twin color temperatures: 3000K (warm white) and 5000K (cool white). In addition, the color rendering index of the lighting fixture is 80+ for better visibility. 

The LED wall sconce is compatible with the TRIAC dimming drivers, and the body is made of sturdy aluminum, which makes it scratch-resistant and protects against accidental damage. It is a wall-mount design and is best for outdoor areas and gardens.

 2. Dimmable cylindrical outdoor LED wall sconce

cylindrical outdoor LED wall sconce

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your outdoors, good quality lighting is essential. The 9W dimmable cylindrical LED wall sconce comes with surface-mounted LED chips and can operate for more than 50,000 hours.

The operational voltage input is 120V, and the fixture features a sturdy steel frame and chip-resistant bubble glass lens for better durability. The best feature regarding the LED wall sconce is that it’s flicker-free and turns on instantly. In addition, the LED fixture has standard ETL certification, which means the product is safe for general use. 

3. Dimmable outdoor LED wall lantern

Dimmable outdoor LED wall lantern

The magnificent outdoor LED wall lantern simply adorns the exteriors with its supreme design. The lumen output is 700 and has a voltage input of 120V. The lighting fixture has scratch-resistant glass for better longevity and a sturdy steel body to prevent corrosion and accidental damage.

The LED fixture is textured black and silver and best for backyards, poolside, and entryways. The fixture is compatible with dimming drivers and has standard ETL certifications, making the product safe from moisture and external weather conditions. The available color temperature is 4000K. 


The attractive wall sconces deliver a classic look to the outdoors and indoors and save on energy consumption. The lights are adjustable and bring out the tone which someone wants to set. It is a perfect match for any residential or commercial property. 

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