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A Detailed Guide On How To Choose LED Corn Bulbs?

A Detailed Guide On How To Choose LED Corn Bulbs?
A Detailed Guide On How To Choose LED Corn Bulbs?
A Detailed Guide On How To Choose LED Corn Bulbs?
A Detailed Guide On How To Choose LED Corn Bulbs?

LED corn bulbs are among the finest LED lighting fixtures that can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Its efficient features make these lights universal in terms of utility and efficiency. However, you must ensure the area requirement prior to choosing LED corn light bulbs. So, ensure some keen details, then opt for one. First, you must know what LED corn bulbs are exactly.

What are LED corn bulbs?

LED corn bulbs are basically inspired by the structure of a typical corn cob that is surrounded by kernels. Likewise, a corn bulb is surrounded by LED module plates that are responsible for overall illumination. Considering the eligibility of LED corn lights, they are pretty impressive. With corn LED light bulbs, you can reduce your overall lighting requirement as the reach of corn lights is pretty vast. 

Moreover, LED Corn Bulbs are cost-efficient as instead of spending on more than one lighting fixture, now you can lessen the number of lights required for your location. Simultaneously, the use of fewer lighting fixtures will impact your overall electricity consumption. Thus, the utility bill will show significant results.

led corn bulbs

Where LED corn light bulbs are commonly used?


  • Warehouse - warehouse or any high bay indoor can definitely use LED corn bulbs. The bulbs are eligible for offering a complete 360 degrees of illumination that disperses overall lighting.
  • Factories & Workshops - Workshops and factories are some of the high-priority locations that must have non-dominating lights as productivity majorly depends on visibility. LED cob lights create a soothing environment for the eyes and enhance visibility.


  • Parking lots - Due to the wide application capacity of LED corn light bulbs, they offer better visibility in expansive areas. LED cob lights are prominently used in parking lots.
  • Stadiums - Corn LED light bulbs contain a high CRI that enhances visibility in wide outdoor locations like stadiums and arenas. The light allows the objects to appear in their actual colors.
  • Streets - LED corn bulbs are commonly used in pole lights that illuminate the streets from a certain height. In addition, post-top lamps contain these lighting fixtures to enhance visibility widely.

led corn bulbs

How LED corn bulbs are better than traditional lighting fixtures


LED corn bulbs

Metal halide bulbs

Power consumption

LED corn light bulbs are efficient in terms of lower power consumption.

The power consumption rate of metal halide bulbs is pretty high.

Turning time

LED corn light bulbs do not take time and turn on instantly.

Metal halide bulbs do not on instantly as they take a few seconds to glow.

Color temp

A LED cob light can come in 3000K to 5700K color temperatures to aptly suit the environment.

A metal halide possesses either very dim or too bright light. These sorts of color temperatures put a strain on the eyes.


Corn LED light bulbs are budget-friendly and do not cost you more.

Metal halide bulbs can come at high and low costs, but their excessive power consumption makes them a costlier alternative.

Estimated lifespan

The estimated lifespan of LED corn bulbs is 50,000 hours.

The lifespan of metal halide bulbs is not certain. It can last for about 6,000 to 24,000 hours.

Heat emission

The heat emission rate of LED corn bulbs is very less, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

A metal halide bulb can emit for about 15% of the total energy consumption of the bulbs, which is not healthy for the environment.

UV rays radiation

LED cob light does not emit UV radiation light.

Metal halide bulbs emit harmful UV rays.

led corn bulbs

In context with the following comparison table, you can conclude the fact that LED corn light bulbs are way more efficient than traditional lighting fixtures. An LED lighting fixture can sufficiently illuminate your space by offering exquisite wattage replacement for conventional lighting fixtures. For instance, an 18 Watt LED cob light is as sufficient as a 63 Watt fluorescent light bulb. Thus, you can conclude the credibility of corn LED light bulbs with this minor but essential difference. Therefore, these essential traits can help you in choosing LED corn light bulbs for illuminating your outdoor locations aptly.

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