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A Look Into LED Bulb Type And Uses

led light bulbs
led light bulbs
led light bulbs
led light bulbs

While the LED lights are taking the lighting industry by storm, it is easy to get confused between the LED bulb types and uses easily.

 Maybe you could sidestep. Maybe you could overlook all the damage you could cause to your pocket and environment by choosing incandescent bulbs. 

As per the new lighting standards set by the LED Light Bulbs, incandescent bulbs fall far short.

A question likely to appear on your mind would be ”what about CFL lights?”.

CFL Lights

CFL lights are cool, but LEDs are cooler. CFLs are certainly a step forward and an improvement over the years. 

But CFLs had some of their limitations. Their compatibility with dimmers is as terrible and incandescent bulbs’ lifespan. They do not attain their full brightness spontaneously as well. 

This is where LED bulbs kick in, along with the numerous other improvements.  

It is a well-known fact that LED bulbs are eco-friendlier than any other bulb in the market as of now.  Thanks to the advances made in the last decade in LED technology, we have almost achieved 95% energy efficiency, with lighting technology.

Thanks to solid-state construction technology, more use specific LED bulbs are coming out. 

 At the same time, the costs of LED bulbs are coming down as well. 

Hopefully, by the middle of this decade, LED bulbs will be just as affordable as incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent bulbs are now. 

Coming to the feature richness, no other bulb is on par with LED bulbs. LED bulbs generate the same amount of brightness with a fraction of power input. 

If you talk about the sizes as well, LED bulbs are far more compact than the old lighting technologies. You might find an LED panel replacing a fluorescent panel. 

LED bulbs are last longer than any other bulbs out there. 

The question of the decade still remains unanswered; which LED bulb is for which purpose? 

What should be the criteria for your choice?  

Look no further beyond this guide. We have worked a usable yet brief guide to help make your choice easier. 


A-Shape LED Bulbs

A shape bulb is commonly used as a replacement to the incandescent bulbs. 

a19 led bulbs

  • A19 bulbs replace incandescent bulbs up to 75 watts

a21 led bulbs

  • A21 shapes are considered a replacement to 100 watts of incandescent bulbs
  • A15 bulb is also a commonly used bulbs

Reflector Bulbs 

The name of these bulbs pertains to their use of reflective properties to create desired wide or narrow angled beams. 

These lights are perfect for these applications and are of types

MR(Mirrored reflector)-

mr bulbs

These lights are perfect for track lighting and landscape lighting. 

R (Reflector) and BR (Bulged Reflector)-

br led bulbs

These bulbs throw a directional beam, and they could be used for wall washing as well as wall grazing effects. They are also used in recessed and track lighting. 

PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector)-

par Bulbs

They are used for track lighting, recessed lighting, and outdoor lighting

AR (Aluminum-facetted Reflector)- If you are looking for low voltage lights for architectural and retail displays, these lights are perfect, 

For Decorative Lighting

For chandeliers, wall sconces, and other decorative needs, one should consider LED decorative LED bulbs. These lights render a great decorative ambiance.

One can also consider chandelier bulbs for these purposes. There is a wide range of these lights available on the market. 

LED Corn Bulbs-

led corn Bulbs

If you need a high lumen output along with an omnidirectional light, then LED corn bulbs are a great option for it. LED corn bulbs are somewhat corn shaped; therefore, they are known as LED corn bulbs. 

Made only for the external uses, these bulbs can replace metal halide in car parks, football stadiums, street lights. 

LED Filament Bulbs

Classic looks+power of LEDs= LED filament bulbs. 

If you miss incandescent bulbs, then there are no lights better than we could certainly go for LED filament bulbs

These bulbs are modern lights in the classic encasing. 

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