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Advantages Of Using LEDs

Advantages Of Using LEDs
Advantages Of Using LEDs
Advantages Of Using LEDs
Advantages Of Using LEDs

With the fundamental concept of better illuminate, many engineers have manufactured the energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. These models are developed for delivering controllable, homogeneous, and high-intensity illumination for general purpose for the application like display, outdoor, indoor, indicators or backlights.

Everyone knows that LED lighting fixtures are energy-efficient, illuminate the space with high-quality light, long-lifespan, instant lighting, requires low maintenance cost, and much more but does LED lighting fixture have more benefits apart from this?

Yes!!! LEDs come with some advantages apart from already above-mentioned. In this article, we’ll specify some of them.

  • Thermal Heat Dissipation
  • Dimmer
  • Beam Angle
  • Motion Sensor
  • Solar LED Lights
  • Ingress Protection

Thermal Heat Dissipation

With the thermal heat dissipation, any LED lighting fixture wouldn’t get heat-up after the long hours of operation. It benefits you a lot by increasing the durability and lifespan of the appliance. As compared with other lighting fixtures such as a conventional bulb, fluorescent tube, sodium vapor fixtures, metal halide, a halogen fixture, and more can heat up easily but LEDs tend to operate for the long period without getting heat up.


Any conventional lighting would not allow you to control the lighting output whereas LED gives you the freedom to dim the lighting as per your need. By using dimmable LED lights, you can lead to saving more energy. It allows the operator to set the output from 0V - 10V.

Beam Angle

The beam angle of lighting fixture knows to distribute the lighting in a particular angle. It is divided into parts: wide beam angle and ultra wide beam angle.

The range of wide beam angle from 4 - 60 degrees whereas the range of ultra wide beam angle is up to 100 degrees.

Motion Sensor

It is an accessory which helps in detects the movement when you are not there. In other words, it also works as a security system by sending an alert to the control panel. This security system has been programmed to record the event and every motion. None of the traditional lighting fixtures were aware of this beneficial function. LED lighting appliances are also known as the smart lighting system.

Solar Lights

When talking about the smart lights and solar LED lights wouldn’t be mentioned is unfair. How many times have you heard of solar traditional light? Let us guess, very rare, but when the LED technology has been launched in the lighting industry. It always comes with new lighting technology and idea. LED Solar Lights are one of them.

It conducts its own energy by consuming sunlight which leads to saving 100% on electrical energy consumption.

Ingress Protection

As LED is an indoor and outdoor lighting fixture which this fixture should protect itself water and dust entrance. Ingress protection rating identifies the same. IP65 and IP68 ratings have been described as the safe LED lighting fixture.

At a Glance

All the LED lighting fixtures are incredible but with these advantages make them first choice for commercial, residential, and industrial lighting solution. If you are looking for more information of LEDs comment down your query, we’ll resolve it as soon as possible.

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