An Ideal Warehouse Has Multiple Lighting Fixtures

UFO LED High Bay Lights

Can we use the same size of utensils to cook and eat the food? obviously no!. Can we use the same kind of lights for streets, warehouse and homes, obviously no!. What I want to say, we pick things as per place and utility.

Like, if you are a young entrepreneur and you have just purchased a gigantic warehouse, then, the very first thing you need to know is light management.

Without proper lighting, you can’t run a warehouse. The whole functioning of a warehouse depends on automated system and lighting. Warehouses are an indispensable part of the supply chain.

There are always lighting engineers and technicians to suggest modern lighting solutions. These professional have good knowledge of lighting. Like, when it comes to picking lights to illuminate warehouses, they know nothing is better than soccer shaped UFO.

In the present times, UFO LED High Bay Lights are an integral part of warehouses. In case you don’t know much about UFO LED lights, and other lights used in warehouses, then read this text word to word…

Until recently, HID and Metal Halide lights were used in warehouses. These lights posed many challenges, so they are replaced by UFO led high bay lights.

Limitations of Halide Lights

  • Halide take more time to warm up
  • These lights can’t be easily switched off
  • These lights are fragile, when compared to newer technologies  They are energy- hungry


UFO stands for an unidentified object. These lights are called UFO because they resemble with a saucer-shaped spaceship. Not to mention, these lights have changed the concept of lighting in the warehouse.

Besides good durability, there are many unique qualities that make UFO LED High Bay perfect for the state-of-the-art warehouses.

Unique features of UFO’s

  • UFO’s consume less energy, they aren’t energy consuming monster.
  • When you install, UFO’s you start getting almost half energy bills
  • They are easily installed
  • Saucer shaped lighting fixture is used for these lights and maintenance of these fixtures doesn’t cost much.

Warehouses aren’t all about UFO’s, there are other types of lights too. Like, panel lights, wall pack, led pole lights and normal led lights.

Panel Lights: A warehouse isn’t all about trolleys, big racks, coding machines. They also have a dedicated office. Panel Lights are installed in this office.

LED Wall Pack Lights: These lights are generally installed in the parking zone or exterior walls. In the yellow glow of these lights, night never seems dark and scary     

Led pole light: These lights are also a good option of street lights. The exterior of a warehouse is as important as its interior. Led pole lights are installed at the entrance of the warehouse, sometimes it is also installed on passage or path.

Normal led lights: Normal led lights are also an inevitable part of a warehouse. These lights are installed in a warehouse’s cafeteria, reception, and office.

In addition to specific luminaries, warehouse lighting also includes some type of control system. This lighting system not only controls lights but also helps in power saving.


The successful functioning of a warehouse also depends on lighting. Poor lighting can lead to theft and injuries. If you are connected to the logistics industry, then you can use this information to improve the lighting structure.

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