Apt Lighting for the Workplace!

led downlights

Visit a place with low and dim lighting, and you will realize how the lighting affects your mood and work efficiency. In the old days, people never paid attention to quality lighting and suffered the consequences. Before proceeding further, do you know about ergonomics? Well, ergonomics is a study of people’s efficiency in the working environment. This study has proved that lighting has a great impact on work efficiency.

In fact, maximum people will be happier at work if they have quality lighting in the office. The people working at night can elaborate on the importance of proper light better as poor quality lighting can highly affect their energy and push them to create a sleepy environment. So it is very important for the design team and managers to have the perfect lighting in the office.

Too dim or too bright light is harmful!

Whether the office’s light is natural, artificial, blue, dim, or bright, it has a direct impact on people’s productivity. In fact, not only on productivity but also on behavior, circadian rhythms, and physical health!

It is proven that too dim light is very harmful to the eyes and makes people feel very tired. Have you ever wondered why you have a sound sleep at night rather than in the morning? It is because of the lighting. This is how lighting plays a very important role in our energy levels.

Whereas, too bright light is equally damaging! Too bright light is injurious for the eyes, can disturb the sleep cycles and cause the symptoms of migraine. So it is essential to choose appropriate lighting for the office.

Let’s choose the best office light!

Choosing the best office lighting could be difficult with so many options available in the market. The various wattages, lumens, and color temperatures may confuse anyone to choose the best. But to be precise, LED downlights and LED Panel lights are considered the best office lights. Still, let’s discuss some factors that may help you to decide the apt lighting for the workplace.

led downlights

LED Vs Fluorescent Lights

If you can still see some offices working with fluorescent light, you are allowed to be judgmental. In recent years, LEDs have taken over the entire world. This is happening due to their several positive benefits. In fact, LEDs have filled all the voids created by fluorescent lights.

LEDs are highly energy and cost-efficient; they are environment friendly, operate for 50,000 working hours, and are designed with many smart features. So, if someone still is stuck to the old ideas, you have the right to judge them. And apart from everything, LEDs are best for the health of employees.

Deciding the ‘too bright’ for office lighting

While deciding this factor, it is very important to consider where you are using the lights. If you are a chef and working in a kitchen, natural light will be more suitable for you, or not too bright LED light will be apt.

But if the technology surrounds you, it is mandatory to have more light as compared to the light emitted by laptops and computers. It is very harmful to work on computers and laptops with lowlights. The brightness of the light is decided according to the workplace. And so, LED lights for offices are highly effective.

led lights for office

Save energy with office Lights!

As we have discussed earlier, LED lights are highly energy-efficient and thus saves a lot of energy. Every country around the globe is working on sustainable energy, and there is no better option in lighting than LEDs.

They work in a manner that they convert 95% of the energy into light, and only 5% is wasted as heat. So they also do not increase the temperature of the area. This eventually also saves a lot in the utility bills.

The consequence of the Right Light

The result of the right light is the growth of the organization. The health report of your employees will define the work environment you are giving to them. The proper lighting system is a major part of designing the best workplace to get the maximum output.

To decide the apt light for your workplace, dive into the world of LED lighting and pick up the best for you!

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