Are LED Bulbs Better Than Fluorescent Bulbs?

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Are incandescent bulbs better than candles? Are motorbikes better than cycles? Yes, the technology which succeeds an aging form of scientific endeavor is always better. LED bulbs are not just better, they are far better than the technologies they have succeeded! 

Having numerous advantages over fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs are the next game-changer in the lighting industry. Constrained by a lack of space we will discuss some of these advantages here. 

Let us start by understanding the difference between all three of them

What is the difference between LED, Fluorescent and CFLs

LEDs, which are the fourth generation of lighting technology, stand for light-emitting diode and they work on an atomic level inside a semiconductor where due to the change in mass of particles, light is produced.

Fluorescent is the third generation of lighting technology and these are tubes that work on fluorescent lighting technology. CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps are a form of the same category and are similar variants as bulbs. 

Now that we understand what these are, let us look at why and how LEDs are better

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What makes LED the king of lighting technology

LEDs are energy efficient: LED bulbs convert 95% of the electricity into light and only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat. Therefore, LEDs are highly energy efficient. This also makes them great for the environment because these put less pressure on the fossil-fuel-guzzling energy plants. 

LEDs Have High CRI: Having a high color rendering index, these lights render the colors of an object as they are truly supposed to be. LEDs have a CRI of more then 90 which means that the colors are 90% accurate as compared to daylight. 

LEDs Have Long Life: Having a lifespan of 15,000 hours, these LED bulbs last 3-4 times longer than fluorescent bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs last at least a whopping 30-40 times longer. 

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