Awe inspiring “Mushroom Light” is the first introduction of your home

Awe inspiring “Mushroom Light” is the first introduction of your home

As someone parks his car, and steps towards your main door, the first thing he notices is elegant Mushroom light. Dim light disperses from the upper glass of this light leaves a soothing effect.

Though this light isn’t like conventional lights, its effect cannot be ignored. Around twilight moments, when the sun is about to say goodbye, birds approach to their nest and night plants spread their fragrance, homes, and offices glow with exquisite Mushroom lights. Because of an opaque acrylic diffuser, the Mushroom lights beam spreads everywhere.    

These light look so simple, yet it leaves an indelible impression. In the evening time, the glow of this light is like an invitation for tea and snacks. In the wee hours of the morning, when peace and tranquility are disturbed by chirping of birds, Mushroom lights go to sleep.

We have discussed a lot about its universal appeal, now let us know where you can install these lights.                

Porch: Porch is like an entrance of the home. To illuminate porch, people install Mushroom lights.

Backyard: It’s a place where one grows kitchen vegetables. In the evening time, when night flies are more attracted towards a bright light, Mushroom Lights can be a good option for conventional lights. These lights come in 12.5 wattage, because of that they don’t consume much of po

Halls Entrance: Big halls have myriad lights like conventional led lights, floodlights and besides these exquisite Mushroom Lights.  

Shoe rack: People also install these Mushroom lights on the ceiling just at the top of the shoe rack, at night these lights help in spotting slippers.

Kitchen: Most of the kitchens have corn bulb or led tube light, still many install Mushroom lights. When sumptuous food is prepared under elegant Mushroom lights it becomes tastier.

Technical features are heart and soul of any light, let us peep into Mushroom’s technical features.

Wattage: 12.5W

Color Temperature: 3000K, 4000K & 5000K

Variants: 1-Pack & 4-Pack

Lumen: 1050

Size: 11 Inch

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Certification: cULus, Energy Star approved

Warranty: 5 years



Each light has its own importance like floodlights are suitable for big stadiums, UFO lights are perfect for warehouse, just like that Mushroom lights are perfect for outdoors and indoors. If you are buying a house and want to know about the shape or size of Mushroom lights, then, you can visit:
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