Busting LED Lighting Myths With Facts

Busting LED Lighting Myths With Facts


If you are planning to retrofit your commercial building or home with LED lighting fixtures, it is common to have questions and doubts. So, naturally, you will try to gather more and more information from the internet or your known people. And plenty of information is available on this topic, but a lot of wrong information is out there. So, in this blog, we are going to clear your myths with some LED facts. 

Myth #1: LEDs don’t provide sufficient lighting.

Fact: LED bulbs offer an equal amount of lighting or sometimes more than the traditional bulb, but the main difference is that LEDs use less energy. For example, a LED bulb with 7w can provide as much light as a 60w incandescent bulb. 

Myth #2: It is very expensive to switch to LED lighting. 

Fact: In the beginning, LEDs were expensive when they became commercially available. But with time, the price has reduced. However, you need to make an initial investment in the starting for retrofitting. Still, LED lights can pay for that within some years because of their significant energy savings and less replacement cost as it runs longer. 

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Myth #3: LEDs provide poor light quality.

Fact: LEDs widely come in warmer shades. The quality of light is measured by comparing daylight through a scale known as Color Rendering Index (CRI), and the best quality LED lighting is measured between 75-90 CRI. Compared to fluorescent lighting, mainly used in offices, LEDs offer better light quality, leading to higher work productivity and less eye strain for employees.  

Myth #4: LEDs are not suitable for damp locations.

Fact: LED lights are IP65 rated, making them the most suitable lighting for outdoor locations. These ratings make the LEDs water and dust-resistant products. 

Myth #5: LEDs have dangerous materials.

Fact: LEDs are safer to use than fluorescent or another lighting. LEDs are made without harmful chemicals and toxic substances like mercury and lead. These are also 100% recyclable lights. 

Myth #6: LED lightings are more sensitive to vibration.

Fact: LEDs are less sensitive to vibration than other fixtures as they don’t have any moving filaments or parts. LEDs are highly durable and, in some cases, also exceed military standards. 

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Myth #7: LEDs take time to glow.

Fact: Unlike traditional lights such as fluorescent that can start slow and require time to reach their maximum brightness, LEDs immediately become fully bright after switching them on. 

Myth #8: LEDs unable to perform in very cold environments.

Fact: Actually, the truth is that LEDs run more efficiently in cold temperatures. The fact is that LEDs stay cooler than other lighting fixtures, making them an ideal choice for lighting temperatures that need to be kept cool. 

Myth #9: LEDs are not durable enough to run longer.

Fact: Compared to other lighting fixtures, LEDs are the most durable lights with a longer lifespan. These bulbs don’t require frequent replacement as they can run a minimum of 50000 hours. 


We have busted some of the myths about LEDs with facts, but still, there are numerous myths roaming around. Remember that LED lights are the best choice available in the lighting industry. They come in various fixtures for all kinds of places to fulfill your lighting needs. Experience high-performing lighting with LEDs and bust all the myths by yourself. 

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