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Buyer’s Guide For LED Lighting

Buyer’s Guide For LED Lighting
Buyer’s Guide For LED Lighting
Buyer’s Guide For LED Lighting
Buyer’s Guide For LED Lighting

LED lighting has become the modern homes' choice as it is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. If we will talk about where can we find LEDs? My answer is it can be found anywhere or in any room of the home, whether as an interior lighting décor such as a chandelier, illuminating your kitchen by installing LED cabinet Lights, or brightening up the exterior of your home with LED Pole Lights. Let's know everything about the right LED light fixtures for your home.

LED's Advantage:


  • LEDs convert the electricity into Light and limit the wastage of energy, so known to be the most energy-efficient, so the electrical appliances backed by LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting solution available in the market.
  • LED lights are a paramount solution as they have a longer lifespan. The longer lifespan of these LED lights like LED pole lights, LED Downlights, LED tube lights, LED Chandelier, etc., brings down the overall expense of maintenance and allows the users to save an extensive amount of money in the long run.
  • LEDs are made up of sturdy materials, so they are durable and minimizes the risk of breakage, repair, or replacement.
  • LEDs are the safer choice as it doesn't heat up like any other fluorescent or metal halide bulbs. This feature of LEDs reduces the risk of fires and burns.

    How long do LEDs last?

    How long do LEDs last?

    LEDs are known to be long-lasting as the lifespan is of approx 50,000 hours. The lifespan of an incandescent is about an average of 1,000 hours, and CFLs about 9,000 hours. If we talk about regular utility, then it is 8 hours each day, every day, and must say that the LED could last up to 17 years!

    What are my options for going LED in my home?

    Upgrade your lighting with LED bulbs, or update your lighting fixture with integrated LEDs.

    Primarily LEDs are getting used as task lighting and outdoor spaces. These LED lights are flexible means to say that the flexibility of design can work in any room of your choice by making usage of:

    •         Decorative ceiling lights
    •         Recessed lighting
    •         Wall lights
    •         Bath & vanity lights
    •         Desk and task lamps
    •         Under-cabinet lighting
    •         Outdoor and landscape lighting like LED Pole Lights

    If the LED bulbs are long-lasting and last for 50,000 hours, why is the warranty mentioned only 3 or 5 years?

    led light bulbs

    The warranties on an LED bulb are like a car or appliance wherein the manufacturer doesn't know how exactly you will use it? So the warranty period is according to the generic time-frame that covers almost all product utility; however, outside of the norm, it may be. So in this way, the warranty covers those who may use the Light 24 hours a day, all seven days in a week, and possibly someone is using it for 4 hours a day, which will be just a few times a week.

    Most of the pricing varies among similar LED bulbs. Why?

    Likewise commodity, the price of an LED bulbs also keeps falling from time to time due to the technology's enhancement. The cost of the latest generation's bulbs could be available at a lower price, whereas the first-gen LED price could have been significantly higher. Pricing also depends on the manufacturer. Each has its manufacturing process for its LED products. It is possible that an LED chip might have been made in-house by a manufacturer or might have gotten purchased from a third party. Both of these possibilities carry their own cost, which will be mentioned on the product.

    Do LED lights work with a dimmer?

    led dimmer

    Yes, but you need to thoroughly go through the details of the bulb or fixture to know about  the feature is precise. Whatever functioning is mentioned, the product will function. If it is about light fixtures that use integrated LEDs, it depends on the manufacturer's suggestion. Most of the time, you will recommend using an ELV dimmer, but some of the fixtures are functional with an incandescent dimmer. But LED lighting doesn't ever get dimmed like an incandescent. Instead of being turn down and warm of Light, an LED will dim with the lowering of lumen output. As the Lumen output lowers, the brightness of the Light also decreases.

    How to choose the right LED Light?

    Most of the lighting manufacturers have moved to LED. And if you are still having a non-LED light fixture from any of the established brand you trust, then it's the right time to start.

    Otherwise, you can shop for an LED light in that same way you had for an incandescent—by making sure that it provides the required style or design of the Light you like. For determining the amount of brightness, you can refer to the mentioned lumens output. Kelvin is the unit to measure lumens. High the lumen output, high will be the brightness.

    If you are shopping for LED lights with us LEDMyplace, then you can go through our category pages as it categorized by the type of Light you want and

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