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Can LED Shoebox Light Be Used With A Motion Sensor?

Can LED Shoebox Light Be Used With A Motion Sensor?
Can LED Shoebox Light Be Used With A Motion Sensor?
Can LED Shoebox Light Be Used With A Motion Sensor?
Can LED Shoebox Light Be Used With A Motion Sensor?

Today when there is so much advancement in the LED lighting technology and you are still using those traditional styled HID, metal halide or high-Pressure sodium lights to lighten the outdoor places, then you need to revamp the entire lighting system with the energy-efficient LED Shoebox light. These lights are the latest addition in the LED lighting products and use the LED technology useful to lighten parking lots among many other outdoor places. This LED shoebox light will save you a ton on energy bills and improve the look of your parking lot, sports court, street or other areas.

One of the most important questions that might be arising in your minds is whether LED shoebox light can be used with motion sensor or not, so the answer to this is absolute YES.

LED shoebox light can with motion sensors

These lights are a combination of classic form factor and are versatile enough that you can upgrade your existing lighting with ease. Since these lights are motion sensor lights so the Dusk to Dawn sensor gets automatically triggered and will Auto On at night and Auto-off them during the Daytime. With the help of built-in Photocell Sensor, these lights automatically as per the surrounding brightness and you can stop the wastage of lights as well. 

With the help of sensors, the security and safety at a particular location can be improved as the lights will automatically turn on when it gets dark or they detect motion. This results in auto-energy saving when lights get turned off.

Why LED Shoebox light is popular?

Though the LED shoebox lights have been around for a while, the latest up-gradation in these lights has allowed the buyers to buy them with major improvements. There is newer technology for better heat sinks that dissipates heat smoothly and no matter how long you are using these lights, you can enjoy cooling lighting results. Moreover, these lights have 0-10v dimming and therefore allow a large amount of control. These dimmable fixtures are the much-advised replacement for incandescent and halogen fixtures in terms of lighting output, quality, and compatibility and most importantly are fully compatible with most of the standard dimmers that are available in the market.

So presently, the LED Shoebox light is the most preferred option to illuminate the outer places and when it comes in a variety of wattages, they are available in various different designs and watts, varying from 50 watts to 600 watts.  An LED shoebox light is that much capable that it can replace up to 2000 watt high-pressure sodium or Metal Halide with just 300 watts and in your use 150W LED Shoebox Light that produces 21,000 lumens then it can become a perfect replacement to the 450 watts of traditional Parking lights.  

The benefits of LED Shoebox Light are undeniable, and with so many satisfied buyers these lights are being liked by other property owners as well. So invest in these lights that are also DCL Listed, UL Listed, ROHS Compliant, and suitable for wet conditions ad well, install these lights at the outdoor places and free yourself from the trouble of turning them on an off during the early mornings.

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