Cheap Indoor Lighting Fixture

Cheap Indoor Lighting Fixture

Don’t you want to inspire your home and reflect your personality with the interiors? Many people secretly judge you by your home interior and lighting. Dull lighting would degrade your impression in front of others. Lighten up your interior with the LED indoor lights which illuminate the space with quality light.

With over 400 products, we have hand-picked some indoor lighting fixtures that reduce lighting bills and doesn’t let you compromise in the lighting outcome. We have seen that most of the people attracted by the lighting of space.

We have two LED lighting fixtures that are available at a reasonable price and `doesn’t let you pay costly lighting bills.

  • LED Bulbs
  • LED Tubes

These are the ideal lighting solution that describes your every corner of your space and fills them with the blazing light.

LED Bulbs

The people who used standard incandescent bulbs to light up their space are aware of the cons of these light source. First of all, these fixtures are not durable and cause costly energy bills. By using LED Bulbs, you would see the visible difference in the lighting outcome.

What features make LED Bulb different from others?

  • Cost: - The cost of this smart bulb is slightly high than standard incandescent lights. Other light sources are inexpensive along with that it consumes too much energy to operate.
  • Light Control: - Some of the LED bulbs are dimmable that gives you the freedom to control the lighting outcome of the fixture from 0V - 10V. By dimming the fixture you can reduce energy consumption.
  • White Tint: - The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) defines the shade of light. With the warm white, natural white, day white, and cool white lighting shade lighten up space with bright white light.

We have another bulb for the outdoor space “LED Corn Bulb” that comes with the IP65 rating which protects the fixture from water and dust.

LED Tubes

Most of the indoor space like a commercial, residential, and industrial area are using fluorescent tubes that are not capable enough to stays last long. With the 50,000 hours, LED Tubes are giving tough competition to other light sources. These tubes come with different compatibilities such as ballast compatible, ballast bypass, and hybrid LED Tubes.

How are LED tubes different from fluorescent tubes?

Well, we all are already aware of the latest LED lighting technology. By knowing the benefits of LED lighting, here are some feature that makes a huge difference between the LED tube and fluorescent tube.

  • Thermal Heat Sink: - With the heat sink dissipation, the light source doesn’t get heat up after the long working hours. It also enhances the durability of the fixture.
  • Rendering Index: - CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a quantitative measure the ability of the light source that reveals the original color of objects. 80+ CRI is ideal for indoor space.
  • Light Dispersion Angle: - The beam angle of the LED tube is 120-degree that illuminates the space with just one fixture

If you are having an installation issue with the tube then you can consider LED Integrated Tube which comes with the easiest plug and plays installation.

If you are looking for cheap indoor lighting fixture than these two fixtures are ideal for indoor space. With the greater energy-efficiency and intense lighting, you can save money on lighting bills. For more such information about the lighting appliance or to book the fixture visit LEDMyplace for indoor lighting product. Contact us directly and clear your all doubts about our lighting collection.
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