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Choose The Office Lighting Wisely!

led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting
led office lighting

LED Lighting brings a new norm to the world. Countries are switching to the LED lights due to energy efficiency and cost-efficiency. In fact, several studies are going on to know the productivity and alertness of the people at work and in school after installing LED Lightings. This is exciting to know that experiments have been performed on the US Army to see the impact of LED lighting on their productivity too. And results explained that they show slower cognitive responses with fluorescent lighting than LED lighting.

There are several features that make LED lights better than traditional lights, but color temperatures are highly responsible for their premium quality lighting. So, in this blog, we will be discussing the color temperatures that are perfect for people at work and how LED lights are better than fluorescent lights.

Let’s Understand Color Temperature First!

In a Layman language, color temperature describes how the light will appear to the eye when someone will look directly at the illuminated bulb. The bulbs with 2700k color temperature emit yellowish-white light. As the color temperature increases to 3000k and 3500k, the bulbs emit less white and yellow light. The bulbs with color temperatures above 5000k emit more bluish-white light.

led panel lights

5000k is best for Offices

Though it is believed that daylight is ideal for any workplace, it is also true that not every office is blessed with daylight. In fact, many offices have night shifts, for their lights with 5000k and above are best to illuminate the workplace. So, LED Panel Lights and LED Downlights are the first choice for illuminating workplaces. The color temperature of daylight is between 5000k and 7000k, which is bluish-white. It is important to understand that the color temperature of sunlight varies during noon and in various weather conditions.

It is proven that the higher the color temperature, the higher is the impact of color temperature on productivity, alertness, and mental state of any person.

Does it mean fluorescent lights are bad?

For many years, fluorescent lights are the master of all lights. Every company immediately switched to fluorescent lights due to cost-efficiency.

But as time passed, there were several rumors about the negative impact of fluorescent tubes. Moreover, when the LED bulbs were discovered, they filled all the voids created by fluorescent bulbs. They immediately took over the market and workplaces all over the world.

LED Lights are better for workplaces

LED lights are highly efficient and are surely better than fluorescent tubes. LED lights are cost-efficient and have a longer lifespan. So the main question is: are LED lights better for offices?

And the answer is yes. It is proven that LED office lights help in increasing the productivity of the workers. These lights keep people alert and attentive during working hours. In fact, these lights also add aesthetics to the workplace. Hence, LED lights are one of the reasons for the growth of any organization.

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