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Why choosing the right LED Pole Light is not easy and how to get better at it?

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

Like a lighthouse on a shore guiding ships through the night, Pole Lights have emerged as a beacon of light guiding humans through darkness. But when it comes to choosing the right kind of Pole Light, the sheer number of choices available is enough to overwhelm any decision-maker. 

Further, when it comes to lighting an area that is responsible for your commute, safety, parking, etc, the challenge presents itself in a manner that seeking counsel becomes inevitable.

Pole lights, which are a crucial part of your premise, if chosen incorrectly, will obviously result in wastage of money. But beyond that, by making a poor choice you can also put the safety of yourself, your guests and your belongings in jeopardy.  

That is exactly where this piece of wisdom comes in picture. Guiding you through, this blog will delve deep into the why(s) and how(s) of LED pole lights.

led pole lights

Don’t buy the year 1990 in 2019

If you are not living under a rock, then you probably already know that when it comes to research and innovation in lighting technology, LED technology has emerged as the next big thing. But for all those who are still buying the year 1990 in 2019, here are some incentives to pick LED pole lights over traditional high-pressure sodium lights or metal halide fixtures.

  • Who doesn’t want to save money, but could you think that LED pole lights can help you achieve that? No, Pole lights will not become your ATM machine and start dispensing currency, but they will definitely ensure that the electricity consumed by traditional pole lights of yours is put to shame. An LED pole light of 150 watts, will give you the same amount of light, as would a traditional pole light of not 200 watts, not even 300, but 450 watts.

If that was astonishing, try taking a guess of what will be the traditional equivalent of a 300 watt LED pole light. No? One thousand watts! Yes, you read that right. Where traditionally your pole light would consume 1000 watts of energy to light up a specific area, switch to LED and your pole light will consume 3/10th of your previous cost. Result? More money in your pocket by spending less on your electricity bill.

  • Do you care about the environment? Do you care about the sustainability of the planet? If your answer is yes, then kindly switch your traditional pole lights to LED. Why you may ask? Simply because LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. LEDs use 75% less energy thus you put less load on your power station, therefore using less natural resources. estimates that with the widespread use of LED technology, by the year 2027 about 348 TWh of electricity could be saved. This is equivalent to the annual energy output of 44 electric power plants put together. In 2016 electricity prices, when this estimate was made, this would translate into a total saving of $30 billion.

  •  Suppose you install a traditional metal halide pole lamp in the area where you need lighting. If you do, don’t shy away from the possibility that you may need to replace the fixture again, and again, and possibly again. Why? Because traditional lamps are tested for 1500 hours of operation. Now compare that with a jaw-dropping 50,000 hours of rigorous test every LED pole lamp goes through.

LED pole lamp once installed, will last for so long that you will definitely forget when was the last time you needed a replacement for the same. The lifespan of an LED is one of the most amazing features of these light-emitting diodes, it is what makes them so durable and a no-brainer choice.

led pole lights

The vast sea of LED pole lights

Like everything good in life, LED pole lights also have multiple options to choose from. With the difference in wattages, use cases, brightness, and mounts, there exists an LED pole light for every pole and every area where they are needed.

Here are the various kinds of LED pole lights available

  • Yard lights: A dusk to dawn 55W pole light also known as a Shoebox Area Light, finds its way in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Having an IP65 rating, yard lights find themselves perfectly suited for use in moist, or wet conditions. 

The dusk to dawn functionality of this LED pole light allows it to switch itself on after sunset and switch itself off after sunrise. This is facilitated with the help of a Photocell which detects the presence of light and triggers the pole light according to preset conditions.

Having a beam angle of 150 degrees, the yard light ensures that visibility is unrestricted. LED technology being the backbone of this yard light, the light starts without a single flicker or noise, which is a thing in traditional pole lights.

  •  Pole lights: Unlike Yard light which comes in just one wattage option, Pole lights come in multiple wattages – 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W, and 300W. The difference amongst these is of the mounts which will be discussed in detail later in this post.

Having a vibration-free design, these LED pole lights serve to the best of purpose even in windy conditions. Having a 150-degree beam angle, these LED pole lights ensure that they cover a large span of area. These pole lights are IP65 rated which ensures a smooth functionality in dust, moist and wet conditions. These LED Pole lights also come with a photocell which gives the light its dusk to dawn functionality.

  • LED Post-Top Lights: Also known as Garden Lights and Landscape LED Path Lights, LED Post-Top light is a slim and sleek outdoor lighting option that comes in 3 wattages option: 75W, 100W and 150W. These Post-Top lights have the brightness levels from 9600 lumens to 19,600 lumens. These Post-Top lights like other pole lights come with a photocell enabling the dusk to dawn function which is essential in outdoor lighting.

These Post-Top lights have an ultra-wide beam angle of 90 degrees with a rotatable head that can be moved to face any direction. At the heart of these lights is the premium grade LED chips manufactured by Epistar Corp, which is the largest manufacturers of LED chips globally. The Post-Top lights are also dimmable if a dimmer is attached to the light.

Led Pole Lights

Don’t get spoilt by choice – make an informed decision

Now that you know what are the various kinds of LED pole lights available at your disposal, you must be wondering how to pick one. The answer lies in the use case and the type of mount available. Below we will discuss when and where each of these LED Pole light finds their home.

  • Showbox Area Light: Also known as a yard light, as the name suggests these LED Pole Lights find its application in the yard and such areas. The requirement for these lights is that the height of the pole should be less than 10 feet.
  •  LED Pole Light: The LED Pole lights are further divided according to the type of mount available on the pole. These pole lights can be fitted on poles with a height ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet.

Direct Mount: The pole light with a direct mount slips directly into the pole and gives no option for adjustment.

Slip Fitter Mount: LED Pole light with a Slip fitter mount can be adjusted to face any direction. The mount comes with adjustable screws and this offers more options. This type of LED Pole Light is suitable for boulevards, parking lots, parkways & pathways.

Adjustable Mount: Similar to LED Pole lights with slip fitter mount, Pole lights with adjustable mount offer the scope of adjustment this finding its application in a wide variety of poles.

Universal mount: The god of all mounting options, an LED Pole light with a universal mount, as the name suggests, is universal. With the capability of being fitted into any mount, LED Pole light with universal mount is the most preferred among its peers.

  • LED Post Top Light: Most stylish of all, the LED Post Top Light is suited for swimming pool areas, pedestrian pathways, and areas where vehicular movement is not expected.

The world of LED Pole lights is vast, but by now you must be aware of when and where you have to spend your money to get the right LED Pole Light. 

If one has to look back and be nostalgic about lanterns, LED pole lights will surely give a kick down the memory lane. When one will walk neath the shadow of these incredible and stylish pieces of urban architecture they will appreciate not just the looks of the surroundings, but also the visibility of the area. 

Oblivious to the beauty around us, we humans seldom appreciate all that which lies around us, but with LED Pole Lights that are a marvel to look at, a feeling of awe is slated to be developed in our heart each time we look at these Pole Lights.

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