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Common LED Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Common LED Lighting Mistakes To Avoid
Common LED Lighting Mistakes To Avoid
Common LED Lighting Mistakes To Avoid
Common LED Lighting Mistakes To Avoid

Do you feel that your space look off and uncomfortable? You spent a lot of money on interiors and types of furniture but why not you spent much on the lighting appliances. A few lighting missteps could change the whole wonderful space look into dark and deary.

Always make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right indoor LED lights. There are some mistakes most of the people do, to avoid them continue reading to learn about some common mistakes.

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Choosing the wrong LED fixture limited knowledge on technical terms

This is the most common mistake people do while selecting LED lighting fixtures. Might be you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the LED lighting. Well, this is the first step towards an ideal lighting solution. There are some features of LED lights which are very helpful and might you have avoided them just because you are unaware of them.

Well, not anymore,

  • Color Temperature: This is the feature that shows the white tint of the fixture. Low CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) leads you to get the blurry and dark lighting output. To improve this common mistake, make sure that you select the LED lighting fixture with the color temperature of 4000K - 6000K, this will help you to get brighter light than any other lighting source.
  • Color Rendering Index: It defines the quality of the light, always consider the fixture with high CRI. Low CRI emits the dead light which specifies that the original color of an object wouldn’t be able to recognize in the beam light of it.
    • Lumens: It would be the biggest mistake if you’ll purchase a LED lighting fixture without checking its lumen output. Higher lumen identifies the brightness of the light source. Keep in mind that you purchase a fixture which offers the high lumen output at low wattage consumption.
      • Beam Angle: Every lighting fixture comes with a specific beam angle. It specifies how wider the fixture is capable to do illuminate the space.

      These are the main terms that most people don’t check while making any decision and don’t even ask these features.

      Not Using Dimmers

      Just think that you are using an air conditioner but you don’t have the remote access to control the temperature. An Air Conditioner is nothing without remote access that’s how a lighting fixture is without the dimmer. Dimmer is a device which used to lower the brightness of the light. There are very few people who prefer the dimmable lighting fixture that stepping forward to the big mistake. Dimming feature is not just about controlling the lighting output but when you use a dimmer with the LED fixture, it starts work at low wattage consumption.

      Improper Installation

      An improper installation process can make you face many troubles such as an instant short circuit, fixture fell down, the fixture would catch fire, and much more. So always advice with an expert before installing an LED fixture or call the expert to complete the installation process in a proper way.

      At A Glance

      While selecting a lighting fixture, always keep all these common LED lighting mistakes in your mind and choose the fixture wisely whether it’s indoor or outdoor LED lighting. Contact our customer support service to get the best advice and guidance for lighting fixtures.

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