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Comparing LED Pole Lights with HID Fixtures For Parking Lots

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

When we talk about parking lot lighting we are considering lights mounted on a pole that we see at a parking lot mostly at a commercial space, usually categorizing them as LED Pole light on LEDMyplace. These outdoor light fixtures, if converted to light emitting diodes (LED) can provide excellent benefits to both building owners and facility managers alike.

LED lights function very differently than the typical HID fixtures because of the way they generate and distribute lumens. Specifically, LED’s generate light via a semiconductor instead of consuming fuel, the way Metal Halide and Halogen lights do. Additionally, LED fixtures commonly utilize “multi-point” sources, meaning the fixtures have multiple diodes with individual optics. It is designed to illuminate an amount of space with its light source.

Let’s discuss in the below points to why everyone must go for LED pole lights for the parking lot lighting.

How many LED Lights are required to replace one HID fixture?

Considering parking lots are more to do with the commercial spaces, which is true. Any business owner focuses on efficient operational cost cutting, in order to run the process smoother.

If we look at the common wattages for LED parking lot lighting the range tends from 40 watts to 600 watts. If we look at the same wattage for Metal Halide parking lot lights the range would be 400 watts or 1000 watts.

So we can see just from making the transition from HID to LED we see a 40%-60% savings in energy and utility cost. From a dollars perspective, this means that your facility could be saving up to $300 per fixture, per year, in electricity costs alone. Depending on the commercial space and number of fixtures, this could be more.

led pole lights

Do you really spend on maintenance for LED Pole Lights?

As a result, the functional life of an LED product can be significantly longer than that of an HID Lamp...which in turn drastically reduces the costs for maintaining a parking and area fixture over a longer period of time.

Due to the longer working hour of LED lights, they prove to be the best option to save cost on maintenance. In general, the lifespan of LED pole lights is more than 50,000 hours. It works perfectly under any weather condition.

Performance of LED lights at parking lots

The performance of your parking and area lighting is very crucial. Making sure that guests at parking lot feel safe and they see everything clearly during their time on the field, the experience really gives them impression even when they enter an indoor space.

From a lighting performance standpoint, LED distribute their light via a multipoint design which gives them a very evenly distributed light pattern on the required surface. What this means is that light levels across a given surface will vary less as the distance from the pole or fixture changes.

LED Pole lights come with Color Rendering Index of 70 or more, which allows the pole light to emit a quality light output, showing the true color of the object.

HID’s, on the other hand, produce a “bright spot” directly underneath the fixture with light levels decreasing drastically as the distance from the pole increases. LEDs are able to eliminate this problem through even distribution. Finally, due to the even distribution of light, LEDs are available in a range of color temperatures, which you can explore with the enhanced filter on


We have seen hundreds of businesses still using old HID fixtures and affect the real operations of their business by inefficient cost cutting.

We have hundreds of commercial units choose the best LED Parking Lot Pole Lights and save thousands of dollars a year on their utility cost.

Do you own a commercial unit and looking forward to changing your HID lighting to LEDs? Let us know in the comments

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