LED Corn Bulbs, Suitable For Outdoors!

LED Corn Bulbs, Suitable For Outdoors!

Have you ever visited corn field? What excited you in that field? An excellent harvest, blue sky or speedily running tractors. Now, if we tell you, there is a bulb inspired by corn, will you believe us? Here we are going to say, you should believe us as a vast field inundated with corns is a treat for the eyes.     

Corn Bulbs Size and Shape 

Corn lamp is light-emitting diodes on a metal structure. They are corn lamps because the yellow LED s look like corn kernels. When you talk about the bulb, you can’t put the fixture aside. 

Many screws in sockets are used in corn bulbs, the most compatible ones are E26 and E39

Impeccable features  

Wattage: Corn bulbs consume less energy in comparison to Halide and Sodium Vapour bulbs.

Temperature: Color temperature affects the mood of the space The color source is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter the light.

Lumen: While wattage talks about energy, lumen talk about the brightness. Spacious gym owners should check the lumen before purchasing LED Corn Bulbs. At night, when darkness engulfs everything, corn bulbs scintillate surroundings.

led corn bulbs

Certification: Corn bulbs get DLC certificate only when they qualify stringent quality tests. If you are looking for bulbs for parking lots then don’t overlook DLC certification.

Dimmable: Light can be easily controlled in bulbs because of the dimming system. This system is available in incandescent bulbs too, but the amount of energy saved in corn bulbs is much more in comparison to incandescent bulbs. 

Weather friendly: Corn bulbs come under IP64 ratings. That means they have strong resistance against water and dust and that’s not all, they are CUL, DLC and RoHS approved. In comparison to incandescent bulbs, these bulbs easily brave bad weather conditions. 

Corn Bulb converts power into light: These bulbs convert electricity to light whereas ordinary fluorescent and Halide Bulbs convert much of the power into heat.

Corn Bulbs don’t need ballast: Fluorescent and Halide Bulbs need Ballasts, whereas Corn Bulb doesn’t require it.

Where you can use corn lamps?

Corn lamps are great replacements for any high lumen-output lights. Like, Post Top Lamps, Bollard Pathway Lighting, Exterior Wall Packs

Highway Lighting, Parking lot lights, Interior High Bay Lamps, and Street Lights.

Conclusion: These bulbs are mostly used for outdoor. In the present times these bulbs are a good replacement for Incandescent and Halide bulbs, if you want to know more about corn bulbs, visit LEDMyplace.
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