Customer Experience And Lighting, A Relation Less Talked About

Customer Experience And Lighting, A Relation Less Talked About

A successful business has some special secrets to their success. One of the secrets that anyone barely talks about is lighting. Everyone business owner tends to do mimic everything their competitors do, and nothing different. There are so many things to consider, such as lighting.  

Business owners are at fault for their ignorance. Hence, they are at fault at lagging behind. 

Lighting is a great expense. In fact, lighting is the fourth highest operational cost, yet so detrimental. Something which could mimic the daylight color temperatures is the best for improving customer retention and customer experiences. Commercial Architecture Magazine found out that lighting either retains customers or makes them leave. 

Researches show that switching to the LED lights can bring the expenses down by a significant margin. Starbucks switched the old lighting to LED lighting because LED lights drive more customers. Good lighting improves customer retention. 


LED lights are so energy-efficient. The money they save in energy expenses can offset the installation costs in a couple of months. 

LED lights cater to great customer experiences, which shape customer retention.  

If you are into design, branding, or merchandising, then without great lighting, you could lose on a lot of factors. 

Here are some factors that affect customer retention, and how LEDs make the best out of them-

Offer Great Highlights

LED lights offer great colors, which is due to the great CRI. With a great CRI, colors rendered are close to what they appear in broad daylight. With high CRI, typically more than 80, colors and textures come to be rich and contrasting. 

Old fluorescent beams are monochromatic and harsh for color rendering. LED lights, on the other hand, keep the highlights intact and the customers’ attention undivided. Great highlights procure great attention. 

Mood Of The Customers Matters 

LEDs have long been recognized as the only lighting technology that could mimic the color temperature of daylight. Nothing improves human mood more than natural daylight. 

Commercial LED Shop Lights are mood enhancers. Placing lights quite intelligently, not only improves the customer moods. Unnatural lighting not only kills the mood, but in some cases, can make the customers choose never to come back. These beams meddle with color temperature, and hence with people’s attention. 

Make Them Feel More Safe And Secure 

LED lights make your people safer and secure, though unconsciously. It is not only about LED Shop Light Fixtures, s in the parking lots also play an important role. Parking lots, or shops, if you have any of them poorly lit, be ready to bear the consequences of poor lighting. 

Switching all these lights to LEDs can make your customers feel secure and hence establish trustworthiness among in your business. Start with switching to Commercial LED Shop Lights, and you will see wonders happening in your business. 

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